persimmon, neck "re-bar",, creaking neck stop!

Hello All,
Had a couple of other projects live and have been hitting them, but 2 of them were developing
“creaky necks”… While the shafts don’t fell loose , when I flex the shaft by hand I was getting a noise…
Did not disassemble the clubs, but on my latest flatten/reshaft project ( pictured) I got to thinking
about the wire and rod they lay down when building bridges and the like… So I applied some light gauges stainless steel wire
around the shaft at the neck juncture, epoxied the end of the wire closest to the head in a small hole i drilled between the shaft and the neck, (his would obviously be easier done when setting the shaft and using the wire end to shim in the direction desired…) then layed my epoxy/ sawdust goop around the structure. After drying, reshaping , whipping I hit the daylights out of this club with range rocks and 'voila… no more squeaky/ creaks!.. plus the benefit of a bit more weight !
Maybe over kill, or just redneck/engin-'erring but it seems to work!

mac fov 2.JPG

I think the squeaks are caused by having the neck rebuild epoxy over the top of something shiney like the shaft if you don’t roughen it up, or a ferrule.

Thanks Neal,

You are probably right! I usually don’t pay as much attention to roughing up that area as I do the part that inserts
in the head itself ! I’ll try that as well !