Persimmon in the Modern Age


I’m impressed he’s only losing 5-10 yards!

I thought the same thing. I think I lose 20-30 at least but the feeling of hitting it on the sweet spot is heaven. Maybe I need those woods of his? Great marketing on his part only lose 10 yards😀. Instead of the gain 20 yards I have been hearing for the last 10 years. I should have picked up 200 yards by now???
Nick Price also sounded off on equipment like Lag would. Great stuff here.

I love his action from Instagram

430 and great post impact rotation. Reminds me of Nick Price. Couldn’t get my gif to load. Nice blue collar ABS type setup as well. He would fit right in here.
I’m 3 weeks out from left hip replacement and feeling so much better. Looking forward to a great 2024.

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Golf is a game…
You have the playing field and the gear used to move the ball around that field.
They need to be in sync with the intention of the course design… otherwise, why have golf course architects? It’s completely and totally absurd what has happened to golf over the last few decades. The folks running the rules of the game are clueless to these most basic of ideologies. Par 3’s, 4’s, 5’s… and the variety of iron shot approaches is just common sense. Players are supposed to be required to use all of the clubs in their bag… not just short irons and a frying pan driver.