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Thanks for the link about Dave’s guide.

Can’t wait to closely read the .pdf

This week on Persimmon Golf Today

-A flashback video documenting the USGA’s stance towards technology. My how it has changed…

-A Persimmon Golf Today outing video featuring PGT contributors Christian and our own Addington Arnie (Arnie has agreed to split any sponsor endorsement deals resulting from this video 50/50) at Colchester GC in the south of England. It’s a James Braid design from 1907.

-A nice mention in Lag’s Gotham Golf Blog discussion with Ralph.

Lots of stuff in the pipeline and on the forums as well! I’ll jot down weekly updates for new eyes over here. If anybody is interested in doing an “outings” video just let me know or just take the video. It doens’t have to be anything special, just enjoying traditional gear on tracks that are condusive to traditional golf.

Great stuff guys… love the video tour through the bags and those fine persimmon golf swings!
Lot’s more to come!

This week on

-Ken Harrington recounts his (co-held) course record 60 at historic Lincoln Park Golf Course in San Francisco using Tommy Armour blades and persimmons.

-A discussion about driving accuracy on the PGA tour and an illustration of how technological advances directly correlated with the depreciation of driving accuracy at the end of the persimmon age (birth of Bomb and Gauge)

-A great story by PGT and ABS contributor Steve (former Australian PGA tour player) discussing his first tour event and how difficult it actually is (and was) to make it on tour, especially playing persimmon and blades.

Some revisits for ABS members but great stories nonetheless. Some fun stuff coming in the next week including some great footage of Lag’s swing from a recent Bay Area outing.

This week on

-A persimmon and blades outing in California featuring a former touring Pro you may recognize, a former D1 collegiate golfer you may recognize, and me (out of my league :open_mouth:). I held my own somehow.

-A in depth video lesson from Ken Venturi on shotmaking

-An essay and commentary offering some compelling reasons walk the course with your traditional gear

Really nice site Lipout and I love watching the videos of you, Lag and other familiar ABS guys out playing persimmon. Very courageous of Arnie to swing a 2 iron on camera!

This week on Persimmon Golf Today:

-A commentary on Perry Somers’ declined request to use hickory gear in the Australian PGA

-Original video and discussions with Mike Rees, a classic club builder and collection of 30+ years with an unbelievable collection (and stateside ABS / lagbay club repair guru)

-A downloadable timeline of Dr. Alister MacKenzie’s life by The Alister MacKenzie Society of Great Britain and Ireland


Happy Holidays All!

This week on Persimmon Golf Today:

-A history of the Australian PGA Championship including downloadable e-book detailing the first 100 years of the event.

-A Lagpressure video of Ben Hogan featuring shots from a match at Houston CC, 1964. All sound has been edited out except for the strike. Enjoy the sound of a golf ball being compressed properly.

-Editorial piece on the battle for Sharp Park(An Alister MacKenzie public track near San Francisco). Environmentalists want to shut down the 80 year old course to provide habitat for the SF Garter snake and California Red Legged Frog.


Happy Holidays All!

This week on Persimmon Golf Today:

-A classic club profile of the MacGregor M85 irons, a classic blade from the early 50’s

-A recap of Mark O’Meara hitting his persimmon (poorly)

-An interview featuring a recap of a club tourney won by member Blade Junkie using vintage gear.


Shotmaking, from an architect’s perspective:

Shotmaking, from an architect’s perspective:

Thanks for the link. The quotes from the book convey an important ethic of the game, and they begin to express why, especially today, the British Open is (by far) my favorite golf tournament.