Persimmon Golf Today-A Website Dedicated to Traditional Go


With input from this site, I’ve been working on a website dedicated to traditional golf and related topics and it is finally ready to release. I’d like to personally invite you to sign up and contribute. Basically what I’m trying to establish is a social network of traditional (classic) golf players. There is no hard and fast definition of “traditional golf” but in general we’re talking about woods made out of wood and irons made out of metal only (preferably blades) with a focus on precision, skill, and risk/reward aspects of golf over pure speed and power (all played on classic tracks that promote shotmaking). There are a bunch of us all over the globe but usually we’re too spread out to get together for tournaments or establish local foursomes or whatever. This gives us a chance to come together and establish profiles, tell stories, promote causes, discuss equipment and equipment modification, etc. More progressive causes like a ball rollback or competitive bifurcation will not be out of bounds but you certainly can take as much or as little as you like. Eventually we will build up interviews, course reviews of persimmon friendly tracks, equipment repair guides, etc. The one thing that I want to stress is that this site is forward looking so while we’ll certainly maintain an appreciation and respect for clubs and swings from the golden era of golf, we’ll also promote companies like Louisville Golf and Persimmon Golf UK who are bringing the traditional form right into the modern age.

As a new site it may still have a few bugs but I promise to work through them as quickly and efficiently as possible whenever they arise. If you don’t feel like another message board maybe just subscribe to the rss feed and you’ll be updated when I post new articles on the front page.

This site will thrive on activity as well as content and to that end I invite you all to gather as much content as you can. You can perform interviews or write essays or commentaries or course reviews or equipment reviews or just great stories. I’ll post the larger pieces on the front page and they’ll be preserved in the embedded pages as time goes on. For proactive discussion there are groups setup with individual topics within each group. You might join the rules group and the competition group. Or just the general community group and the buy-sell-trade.

Anyways, here it is:

I look forward to seeing you over there as well as continuing here!

I’m registered.

Let us know how to post pics!

Ya I’m workin on that. I noticed that there wasn’t a toolbar for pics and video so I added an automatic embed feature for video. If you just type the address of the vimeo or youtube video you want to embed it will embed it automatically. I’m sure there’s a way to add images easily so I’ll work on that tonight.