persimmon beyond repair

What to do when a persimmon wood is beyond repair.

persimmon pen #2.jpg

My friend made this for me from a 2 wood that was just thrashed. The hitting are was scored…no insert. Cracked in a couple places. Hit it on the range a few times. Gave it back to him and said it wasn’t worth anything to me. A few months later he gave me this pen, made from the old clubhead.

I thought all of you would enjoy this.

Now that is cool…

There truly is life still left in even old broken persimmon woods.

My wife & I set-up at Art & Craft Festivals on weekends from time to time. A couple of months ago the booth next to us was called something like “Pens by Dan”. He was selling similiar pens for $25 each and easily netted enough in 2 days to pay for the entire ABS program…So Hoganut, maybe your friend can “turn” his pens into a side business if he hasn’t already…


Nice play with “turn”. :slight_smile: He does have a side business making these pens. He can make them in any size. Mine is a #2…for the 2 wood.

I forwarded him the original link to this thread and he told me if anyone else is interested in a pen to give his email address to the prospective customer.

So, if anyone is interested, p.m. me and I’ll give you the info.