Penna JS

2nd driver
Penna JS
lie 48*
I’m starting to shape the neck to the new lie angle
Shave down the neck on top,
Epoxy followed by
wood putty then
sanded to shape.

Those JS Models are the monsters of persimmon!
That might be the only one in existence flattened out to 48 degrees unless another ABSer beat you to it!

Coming along nicely… that will be a great club.

Have fun with it.

And the hits just keep on comming

Golfsmith has NO customers for a DG
X300 1 Iron shafts so I manned up
My $10 and a extension for 43 1/2"

very nice. I’m assuming with a larger head, you didn’t need to add lead?

Nope I didn’t add any weight -

But I currently am trying to add a Gamma insert (G-10); which will add some weight and move that weight a little more towards the face If you notice in the pictures above the face lines were cut and re-cut and boogered up

Truthfully I can not swing this club, I can only hit with it - with the Pivot turn it goes

BTW I chose a leather wrap for the grip Truly the club feels Right or sweet