Penna Drivers- Sole plate weight screw?

Hey Guys,
Has anyone got any info on the big weight screw on the bottom of the Penna drivers? I just picked one up and I’m trying to figure out if it’s a permanent fixture or if it’s for accessing and maybe adding weight to a cavity in there? Or is it just a weight itself? Any and all info would be greatly appreciated…

I have the same Driver and was hitting with it on thurs. at the range. I am certain we used to take the screw out and pour powdered lead in the cavity to change swing weight and flight characteristics but I will rip into it today and see for sure…that memory thing y’know. Now that you mention this it did seem that the head felt light to me? Problem is the fuzz also recalls an assortment of these weight screws on the work bench backwhen? Adjustments anyone…Paulsy.

What do you use to remove the weight with?

The screw on the bottom looks like the one on my battery on the bottom of my Macbook which is removed with a quarter.



Thanks Paulsy… I’m looking forward to what you find out! MIne just arrived in the mail- what a beautiful thing!