Paul Bertholy

Have you read this book? if so what’s your thoughts on it?

No, I haven’t

what are your thoughts on it?

No I haven’t read it yet. I have ordered a copy about 7 weeks ago but it hasn’t turned up yet. It seems that up until recently the only way you could have got this book was by visiting Bertholy at his home for his training course or obviously by knowing somebody who did, but Doug Ferreri now sells it from the Bertholy website

It does seem interesting stuff though from what I have received and found on the net, I know Moe was friends with Paul and they spent a lot of time together; I’m sure Paul is mentioned in Moe’s life story if i remember correctly all be it briefly.

I am also lead to believe that when Moe said Buckle, sit, slide, bump, the rod, the claw, vertical drop, horizontal tug where all phrases he got from Bertholy. The Graves websites all so state this!

from the limited amount of Bertholy information I have read so far it seems he wants you to hold certain positions in your swing for so many seconds with a weighted bar, but when playing concentrate on the motion forget about the positions he says it takes between 1000 - 10000 repetitions to ingrain something and it takes up to two years to master it with hard work. he says ONLY THE LAZY ONES CAN FAIL!

One of the positions I have read about he calls the “Keystone” position and this involves training the right elbow to get in front of the right hip as far as possible! this also fits with what Moe said in a video which was something like the further you can train the right elbow to get in front the further and straighter you will hit the ball, interestingly Hogan says in one of his books think it’s five lessons that the right elbow leads.

this right elbow position seems to me that if its really leading and in front and the club is approaching from what you call the 4:30 line then how can it go left the face of the club can’t close. Well as long as it was square to open at address

See this link for a picture of Doug Ferreri demonstrating training the right elbow

He also talks about the Master Move which incorporates the right elbow and Left knee and transition, but I don’t want to say much more about that until I have read the book.


Well, this would be right up my alley for sure…

As far as the photo image, that is all fine, but angle can’t be forced. The must be created by internal body pressures, and this is the downfall of many more scientific teaching methods that are more observation based, rather than force and pressure based. The shaft looks very steep there too, so would not be clearly taking advantage of what flat entry has to offer.

In the best golf swings, the torso is the primary motor, so we need to have the club wrapping much more around the body than steep up and down…

Even though Moe’s hands were high at impact compared to most, he swung the club very tightly around his body, not up and over it.

Personally, I like to feel a pressuring into the right leg, foot and ankle on the downswing, as a big jump over the the left side at transition is not consistent with what great ball strikers do…

If the pivot is rotating correctly, and the hands doing their job, weight goes left as the club passes low point.


Interesting stats at impact/post Impact

Right foot % with Driver

Impact / Post
52 29
64 21
68 14
67 9
60 43
57 18
51 1
60 10
71 29
62 17
66 18
58 25
67 14
53 21
65 15

61 19

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