Parabolic Flights

Mandrin: Or any other of you math wizards out there…It’s a business related question but it may also shed some helpful insight into ball flights. If my request is out of line please let me know. Here’s the problem:

Our driving range has one area in which it is only 200 yards to clear the protective netting that is 66 feet high- from ground to top. Years ago that was ample. Now it’s not. We are considering two choices…1. put an extension on the 66 foot wooden poles or…2. put in new steel poles. No matter what choice we choose we want to prevent balls from going over and to use the new net heights to our advantage

We want to make that area like Fenway Park’s Green Monster…actually challenge people to hit it over for a prize- if they can. We hope they can’t :laughing:

QUESTION: Given a basic parabolic flight is there a formula which will show a ball flights apex for varying carry distances.
For example, a ball 80’ feet off the ground (apex) @200 yards would that be the equivalent of a 350 yard CARRY

I know that there are alot a variables one would have to consider, but maybe a formula exists that uses basis variables that are easy to determine…like loft, shaft length. This is the problem at first glance…we may have to discuss it a bit further to narrow down a formula if there is one…Thanks RR

Different combinations of attack angle (ie upward or downward into the ball) and club loft can give the same apex at the same distance out, but lead to different carry distances primarily because of the different backspin produced. There are formulae but it’s probably easiest if you download the free trajectoware program, found here. It’ll let you play with different parameters (including the important height above sea level) to see the ball flight.


STEB: Thank you very much. I think that site will fill the bill quite nicely. Can’t believe the wealth of knowledge available on ABS forums- it is way too cool!

It’s like a treasure trove of information. Thanks again. :slight_smile:

MANDRIN: Thank you very much also, much appreciated. RR