Palmer Played Persimmon into Metal Age....

As I sit here watching the 1986 Masters Highlights, I’m amazed in watching a 57 Year Old Arnold Palmer striking his drives with a Persimmon Driver.

Many of the pro’s at that time were transitioning over to Metal Drivers. But Palmer pressed on with the Persimmon Wood.

In my opinion, the golf world has taken the wrong path in the desire to play better golf. It appears that technology is focusing on creating better shots with slower, poorer, golf swings. It is also my opinion that guys like Justin Leonard and Davis Love III and Fred Couples would embrace bringing Persimmon back into their lives. If memory serves: Couple’s won the '92 Masters with a Persimmon Driver…10 years after the introduction of “Game Improvement Metal Driver’s”.

Again…Palmer was 57 years old and competing in The Masters with a Persimmon Driver. Amazing.

Needless to say Nicklaus won that year with a 20+ year old Persimmon.

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A lot of guys went back to Persimmon even after playing TM Burners for years. Langer won the Masters in 93 with a Texan. I think he played it up until 94. I think Langer was the last person to win a major with a persimmon driver. It was funny because for years up until around that point every player who won the Masters had used a persimmon eventhough half the field were bagging the Metal headed drivers. I’d love to see the Tour do a Traditional tournament and make the guys use persimmon woods. The Masters could do it, they make their own rules. Maybe we would be the only ones trying to get thru the front door with our carry bags. LOL. Where’s Amen Corner?? Can you direct me sir…

I switched around a bit between metal and persimmon but used persimmon in 95 US Open for sure…Wood Bros like the one in freddiec’s avatar