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[b][size=150]Table of Contents Pages 11-20

• Mini debate on Hogan as swinger, hitter or switter!

• Lags thoughts on the power package release sequence

• Some bickering described by one poster as “worse than a bunch of women at a bra sale”!

• The benefits of a loop in the swing as an aid to rhythm and flow

• The golfer as artist and mechanic

• TGM, putting and Alvie Thompson: the single best lesson Lag ever received

• Right arm participation for hitters and swingers

• The ying and yang of great ball strikers and short game artists

• Basic description of centrifugal and centripetal forces in the swing

• A link to still photo’s of Lags swing and subsequent commentary

• The difference between lag angle and lag pressure and there relative importance

• Golf as a reaction sport Moe and Trevino style

• Fades, draws and ball control: Lags concept of gear effect

• When is good, good enough: reflections on striving for perfection

• The change from the steel age to the titanium age

• Thoughts on teaching styles, band aids, smoke and mirrors etc

Cheers, Arnie[/size][/b]

Those sound like some fascinating topics! It makes me want to re read that stuff…!

Thanks for taking this on Arnie… it will be interesting to re open up some of these topics at some point, and see if more gold can be drawn from “Them There Hills” not just from me but from the insights of others. That has always been the heartbeat of this thread.