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[b][size=150]Table of Contents Pages 1-10

  • “Call me Lag” – Lags invitation to discuss the pro’s and con’s of swinging and hitting launches this whale of a thread

  • Enter Bio our Biomechanics man to ask the first question

  • A discussion on why the dependence on well oiled hinges and a robust internal pressure gauge makes swinging such a difficult proposition at the highest levels of the game

  • How hitting can embrace those natural feelings of tension that many of us experience and turn them to positive effect

  • Enter Jeff “Brainiac” Mann stage right, remember the name he will be with us for a while on this journey

  • Why lag pressure is “the secret of GOLF” and how it equates to Feel

  • The importance of post impact acceleration in maintaining a lag pressure / flex on the shaft and the concept of the 5th accumulator

  • Enter Aussie Bomber (AB) our long drive king

  • Brief discussion of Mac O’Grady and hitting

  • What swinging and hitting feel like in the body

  • Lags identity is revealed!

  • Debate on the benefits of blades vs perimeter weighted irons in providing feedback and the concept of “educated hands”

  • The changing nature of golf: debate on the impact of “technology” and the de-emphasis of strategy and skill

  • Modern custom fitting and its emphasis on fitting for a players existing, often faulty, impact alignments

  • Introduction of the idea that a flat swing is more accurate than an upright one

  • How some martial arts concepts relate to the golf swing

  • Thoughts on Moe Norman and the impression he made on Lag

  • First tensions arise with Jeff Mann over the possibility of post impact acceleration

Cheers, Arnie[/size][/b]

I like. Brings back memories Arnie.

Jeff ‘Brainiac’ Mann - :smiley:

He had his enemies but I thought he was definitely an asset to the thread.

I’d welcome him here…
I might not get into big debates with him… as I already did that, but he seems like a deep thinker… and that is always good to have around…

can someone find him?

I liked Bio too, despite the secret society thing of confidentiality. I could tell you all the secrets, but if you don’t have someone with a trained eye to watch over you, it’s still a perilous journey.

“Jeffmanngolfer”! Makes me wish I used my other e-mail address here: :wink:

AA - great idea…Thanks
I like the idea of re-visiting Lag’s posts off ISG… I have the ISG posts in book form also (printed out and in a folder) :smiley: