Ordered the 2.0 DUB / weighted club training

Looking forward to improving taking a different approach, eliminating unneeded head movements in the early backswing. Used it a couple times, holy cow it’s great, really helps me visualize the plane after the ball, as in it’s ok to give it all you got, up that plane. The DUB will get heavy use this winter into spring.

By the way….any have thoughts in weighted clubs to gain speed ? Some of them, won’t name em, look ridiculous, the videos, like Benny Hill playing golf or Fred Couples at 3x speed. I’m sure orthopedics everywhere approve! Sure I’d like another club or 1.5 but not at the cost of wrecking my already wrecked bod.

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Funny - I’m actually working on letting my head move freely in the early backswing. Really trying to let it move where it wants to, without any restriction whatsoever, to accommodate my torso rotation and to open a nice slot to drop into on the downswing.

What a game eh?!

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DownUnder Board reviews and info- It really works


Nice . Will check it out

This was a young student within 20 mins of a lesson from using the DUB
Totally different release and pivot from using the ground better

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2020/21 PGA Tour end of season stats- I teach both the players who led the fairway % and the greens in reg %- fun stat to have and they both work the modules religiously


Unreal, fair play man :+1:

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