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Again, not sure where to post a question like this. I was given a great tip by a very good player that competes on the champions tour. Apparently he got it from Dave Stockton (found Stockton saying the same thing on a TGC bit. Anyway, on chips and pitches he has me angle my toes in front of the ball. Great…so I was experimenting with it with full short irons shots. Bingo! Hit them great, it was easier to “cut left”. It occured to me that this is what an open stance really is. Now i have been playing the game for…25 years and have been around scratch for 23 of those :open_mouth: I usually just pulled the left foot off the line, essentially leaving my right foot as though it was part of a square stance. It was impossible for my pivot to stall. Thought I would share. :smiley:

Almost like getting a head start on things.

My feeble brain wants to say that someone long ago mentioned this type of feet position on full shots- with both oriented angularly toward the target to a small degree…but I can’t remember who. I want to say Norwood, but it’s not him…maybe someone around his time. Maybe one of my rat friends mentioned it…heck, I just don’t remember…but anyway:

Thanks BSjr. :slight_smile: RR

This happens to me every now and then. It is almost a serenipitous kind of thing. The more I consider the little things the more I am convinced there is no such thing (I am not sure who said that first.) It seems unthinkable that I just learned (and therefore have never really known) what an open stance is. It make sense. Draw a line open to the target line, set your toes perpendicular to that line, if desired move the left foot a quarter turn. The same fella that gave me this tip told me that “speed” he thought was the key around the greens :astonished: By that he meant (as far as I can tell) that the body needs to keep moving, stalling = decelearation = flippy-do! At the time I was hitting knuckle-ball pitches with no zip. One adjustment…immediate results! However he did not think much of my flat gear! :cry:


Mindy Blake perhaps?

You points about the open stance around the greens led me to try it at putting practice yesterday. It was much easier to see and feel the line and the putting motion felt fine. I putted about as well as I can remember from any distance and contour. An “open” putting stance definitely goes against what I was taught long ago, but I like that it is consistent with the open stance for the short game in general, from pitching down to short chips. It’s also a confidence builder that I have the freedom to change from my conventional “parallel left/railroad racks” putting stance if I want to. When I get to play again, I am going to open my putting stance.

I think there are loads of people that use an open stance in putting to good effect. I think Carl Lohren is big on setting up open. My “discovery” was a brand new understanding of “open.” I have always viewed it as simply moving the left foot a few inches from the line. Now my right foot is perpindicular to a line drawn open to the target line i.e . my toes point left of the ball…make sense? Essentially my right foot was positioned for a squared away stance. It may be much to do about nothing, but all I can say is that my hands are flashing left quite nicely :smiley: The sensation that is produced is an inseperable bond between the two thighs just above the knee at the finish. To me that is a feel that suggests an uninterupted pivot. It works through the bag…gotta love that right? I am going to post a before an after here shortly. I may have a handle on my faux finish!


I hope that pasted OK. You gents heard about this kiwi fella Mindy Blake? Reading the Golf World panel deal with Jacobson he talks a lot about pressure, and I think hints at post impact accelaration and certainly gives a nod to mass over acceleration. Interesting gent. Talk about an open stance! :open_mouth: What do WE think?

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I’ve played with open toes for years. The open back foot prevents me from getting on the inside in the back swing and the front foot enables more hip turn through impact and past. It started out with the putter actually. But nowdays I tend to prefer more of a pull shot with closed toes with the putter.

I discovered that you could basically point the toes in the direction you want your hips to go. And to me anyway, where the toe is pointing is more decisive for open/closed than where the toe line is pointing.

Some of the best and most aggressive ball strikers today float their feet to very open toes in the follow thru. I guess they have to - to prevent the knee or ancle from snapping. Personally I find it difficult enough to set the toes there at address.

Thanks for posting the pics, as well as your personal account. I do not buy into cure alls etc. but pointing the toetsies in the similar manner to what Mindy Blake advocates has helped me get the club going left (relative to the target line anyway) I have hit some quality shots since messing with it. I ordered his book, just to see his take on things. I like guys that think outside the box, kinda like Homer and Lag. My golfing mission is to eradicate the pull-hook from my game. :cry: