On the market !! I thought I'd seen it all

Here’s a thread for all those useless contraptions that necessarily don’t do much except empty a golfer’s wallet

here’s my first addition…received an e-mail about this today…??? ball left-ball right- ball straight…you have got to be kidding

If Colby Huffman invented it… why is it called the Hank Haney swing band?

Didn’t know where to post this so I put it under this “Thought I’d Seen It All” thread


Well if standing in a pool guarantees setting it like that at the top… I’m all for it. Certainly some good module #3 would be coming up and out of the pool upon exiting P4.

A new module maybe? :open_mouth:

Yeah, let’s see how Kizito in Norway handles that one :smiling_imp:

Is that a regular hazard or a lateral? I don’t see the stake.

play it as it lies…


Taylor Made “Ostrich Egg” R11 - look what it did to poor Jason Day last night - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TM6NjM_zmEQ :open_mouth: :blush: :laughing:

Still shoots a bogey free 66!

those R11’s are the dog’s dangly bits. Awesome looking weapon.

Thought you might like it Styles… :wink:

Whats not to like

Surely the weapon of choice for ABSers when they’re not fooling around with clubs from the last century :laughing:

This is what we are resorting to now…changing the color of the head to make it attractive to the consumer

It is a mix of the Burner and the R9- absolutely nothing new except a big red weight on the sole that looks like a Nike SHOX

It will weigh next to nothing and deplete golfers of another $400 with no improvement except that they can brag to their mates they have a white driver


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a top golfers legs go to sleep to that degree before. It’s probably a really uphill hole and he switched off and tried to give it a whoosh up the back of it. One of the reasons I hate hitting balls on uphill range.

A white driver… what a perfect TM choice. After seeing the white putters in 2010 I shouldn’t be surprised.

Styles - I saw you just went thru a “screening”. Did they check out your wrist action with the TM wrench?? Surely that’s important data! :smiley:

Watch out for potential carpal tunnel syndrome. I understand that’s the latest golfer maladay from making continuous driver adjustments. :wink:



I’ve got one of those, but a sprayed it Red Mahogany so my mates think its’ a persimmon.


I’m entering the TRG championship with a sprayed one - reckon they’ll notice???

works for me! :laughing:

Didn’t you use a burner or R9 during your tournaments recently?

Surely the fact that you can add weight is a step in the right direction?

Shouldn’t be a problem, just remember to cough loudly at impact.