Olympic Club-Lake Course

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Ok I’m starting a new thread on this because now I’m getting reminded just how stupid country club people are. Incidentally the linked thread is probably the best online thread I’ve ever read. From the posts there I’ve got a pretty good idea what they’ve done with the exception of where they took trees out. They redid all the greens AGAIN to get the Poa Annua out but by the time the Open gets there next summer it’ll be back except worse because it’s gonna be all patchy & blossoming & DLIII will withdraw on Tuesday & go home to pout & exactly nobody will even notice. It’s impossible to get rid of Poa anywhere in California, especially the coast. We all just deal with it, yeah its bumpy… who cares. So as long as they were tearing up the greens they just nuked 7&8. For everyone who hasn’t played there one is a downhill reachable 5 par and 2-6 are the 5 hardest consecutive holes in the world. 7 was a funky cool kinda drivable 4 par with an intricate 3 tiered green & 8 was a 9 iron par 3 under a canopy of ancient cypress trees to a blind biarritz green right in front of the clubhouse. Nobody ever pays any attention to this hole, but it’s always been in my top ten in the world maybe my favorite par 3. Now since the changes 7 has from funky cool to funky awkward with the fairway too far to the left and new trees off way right that don’t come into play (except for tour players who hit 100 yd snap slices with 3woods). The green is (back to??? Before my time I guess) two tiered and unremarkable. The membership bitched that it was the only three tiered on the course & didn’t make sense. Typical, I’ll tell you another course with one three tiered green, Pasatiempo #16 & that one really is odd. It’s also an iconic hole of golf like 18 at Riviera or 13 at Augusta, I don’t see bulldozers tearing any of them apart… F’n members, they managed to squeeze 8 whole extra yds out of it, wow congratulations it went from 288 to 296, that’ll make Bubba lay up. 8 is a different story, evidently they went all out, blew this tiny intricate beautiful hole up, took the trees out behind & built up this mammoth back tee on top of a hill that wasn’t there before & stretched it out to 220 from the tips. Have I mentioned how much I hate modern golf? Ok I couldn’t remember. And it’s a 150 yd walk from 7 green to 8 tee all straight up this brand new ‘pile of elephant diarrhea’ as one of the members put it. All this so the shot isn’t blind anymore which was what made it so good in the first place. The USGA will feel right at home.

The feast of the lengthening is just pushing back tees which isn’t going to be far enough by a long shot I guess from what I read but all over the place they were talking about the removal of trees being ‘drastic & necessary’ & how much drier & firmer it plays since the trees were taken out. Huh? The only reason everybody needs 4 pairs of socks for 18 holes is because the sprinklers were ALWAYS on. They watered that thing 25 hrs a day to keep the high spots from browning out so everyday everybody was slopping through a bog & half the tee shots went underground. I bet they find 50 million balls every time they verticut the fairways. This is what they get, cut down 500 yr old trees to dry out the course but don’t turn the sprinklers off. Holy Jumpin Johosefats!!! I know the members that have run the place forever hate the Lake course, always have because it’s so hard, if it wasn’t on the Open rota they’d have removed it ages ago but this is absolute sacrilege. And the kicker is the rank & file members are the ones screaming the loudest but have zero juice in their own club. They own the place & can’t stop it. WTFFFF?!?!?

Thanks for the wonderful insight! It frustrates me to no end also to go back and play a gem that has been “redone”
One reason I am not interested in playing Bayonet after the wonderful “redo”


Let’s hear about the backnine at OC!

I dunno I’m not the one who’s played it recently, there was a mention of a new tee complex on 12 so steep it needed stairs, I assume they brought in several olyphants & buried them there to build that too. New tournament tees on 2, 3, 5, 6, 10, 12, 15 along with the changes on 7&8 and the tree removal of trees & the new greens is everything that they’ve done. On one of the posts an unnamed member who has won the club championship multiple times says the new tournament tees are all but useless because the angles are so bad coming out of chutes and force shots at insane distances like 12 needing a 40 yd cut at 310. The mind reels…

I’d be interested to go down to the fort & play Bayonet since the changes, it sure couldn’t be any worse. I always said it was designed by Allan Ginsberg on a bad day, anybody who wants to know what a bad acid trip on a golf course would be like it should play there. The only way it could get worse or stranger would be if Salvador Dali did the redo & last I checked he’s still dead. There’s online threads on the completed ‘restorations’ & all kinds of projects, all long since finished everywhere, SFCC, CCC, Meadow Club, Valley Club, Bayonet obviously & that’s just around the city except for Fort Ord of course. I feel like I just stepped out of Doc Brown’s DeLorean. I haven’t looked for anything yet but I’m assuming they’ve blown out SJCC too, that was short 20 yrs ago. Progress my ass all it is is the proverb ringing true, you can’t go home again… it was always such a big point of pride having the opportunity to play all these incredibly great courses all over NorCal & playing every hole with my back foot in the rough off the back of the tips & posting numbers everyday. I’m having a lot of trouble adjusting to the role of the bitter old man playing off the whites pining for the days of yore…

Hmmm… ok here’s a bunch of pics from the Cal Club next door. My uncle was a member here for pushing 40 yrs, when he passed away in 2004 I received an incredibly gracious letter from the club about a lot of things & they even gave me an open offer to join thats valid in perpetuity. It unquestionably generous but I have never considered it, I don’t live there, I couldn’t justify the massive expense even if I could afford it & while it was a really good course it was the Cal Club, not the O or SFC. Times have changed…
CalClub1980_17th.jpg old 17th
Cal17.jpg new 17th
CalClub1980_9th.jpgold 9th
CalClub9a2.jpgnew 9th, WOW!!
CalClub1926FWY-1.jpgOriginal ad when Dr Alister Mackenzie was building it, maybe some have heard of him…
Cal7a2.jpg7th hole, I cannot believe this is the Cal Club
Cal11f2.jpg12th hole

Ok so maybe thinning the trees can be a good thing (removing foot from mouth). Folks is saying that the Cal Club is now the best track on the Lake & looking at this I can believe it. I’m calling first thing in the morning and getting a time for next week. If this is the way they changed Olympic then I’m on board & won’t pay any attention to the stupid bomber tees, but I don’t think it is. But this is worth a 4 hr to play & I would think a little step up from Lake Merced for a persimmon Open. The USGA can have Olympic, my favorite hole is gone & the powers that be are obviously a bunch of ‘cartball muffinheads’ so the hell with them.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Next Wed baby… I need to practice, no way am I gonna shoot 80 on my triumphant return… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: