Offset Removal Hogan Apex PC

Just finished this set of Hogan PC’s… removing offset.
While it is slight, and not noticeable to an untrained eye… it actually is quite significant.

Took the first photo before… then removed the offset and hit a few shots with it. Just fantastic clubs now.


I really like when the leading edge of the bottom of the clubface is inline with the leading edge or left side of the shaft.

Some sets I’ll add even a slight bit of forward face progression for the short irons because the ball… due to the loft of the club will actually hit higher up the face… so the leading edge ideally would be slightly more left.

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Did u just use a vice? It looks like I wasted $190 for these irons after watching mod 1. They are perimeter carved out. Have to go further back in the time machine😀. I did bend them at least 5 degrees flat. They bend like butter pretty cool. Only have had time to hit twice.

Notice all the knicks on the bottom from mod1. Have rocks where I’m hitting and have been hitting ground. Two says it’s from acceleration too soon in one post I just felt like it was too much loop and acceleration too late? I think with the club behind u so much it’s a much shallower strike which introduces ground earlier??

I have a proper machine for bending irons and removing offset. A standard vice bangs up the heads a lot… but that being said, won’t affect playability.

Hmmm used the lie loft machine at club and didn’t know u could take out offset with it?
Should I look for old irons without cavity? I have a nice daiwa driver

The older irons are made of softer metals… so they can be bent.
As far as taking out offset, there is a specific technique to doing that.
Someone has to know what they are doing.

I have never used the machine to flatten out woods however.

I’m sure people (including myself) would be interested in seeing a video of how you do this process, if you’re able to.

I think so few people would have the right equipment to do it correctly. Mike couldn’t even get it done with a Mitchell lie angle machine because of the location of the head clamps. Doesn’t really give enough room to get the bending bar in the right place to do the lower bend. I have a VanL machine that allows this… but I think those bending machines are unusual. I’m not really sure what else is out there because I have always used the VanL.