Not impressed!

Last year I purchased a set of new Cleveland 588mb blades. My first blades!
They are unmodified with dg s300 shafts set at d2 swing weight.

At Christmas I purchased a set of macgregor m85’s. Boy did they feel heavy and flat compared to my Cleveland’s, particularly in the head. So recently I thought it would be a good idea to flatten and increase the swing weight of my Clevelands. I spoke with twomasters and he recommended the changes to be made. I went to my local club maker today to discuss the changes. He put my irons on the swing weight D0 - D0.5! He had to add 9g just so he can get my 6i back to D2 (supposed spec). If I wanted to make my 9i and wedge D6 then he would need to add over 15g, a weight which he believes starts to distort the gear effect of the club head. So he was not recommending taking the full swing clubs past D4.

How can these guys be selling such high priced products which are built to such poor standards?

How can these guys be selling such high priced products which are built to such poor standards?

Lighter=less $$ to produce in mass quantities…

Why not game the m85 9 iron and PW and get them to match?.. You can bump up the loft if you need to with someone that knows what they’re doing, I’m sure Lag could do that for you or recommend somebody to get your distance gaps in line…

funny you should say that. last night i was thinking that maybe my m85’s should become my regular gamers, but given their excellent condition im hesitent. I would prefer to keep them for those special occaisions, like monday of this week when a group of about 25 had a retro day where everyone had to play blades and persimmon, some even gammed hickory. I will probably take them out again this friday when i get to walk the hallowed fairways of Royal Melbourne

M85’s are tough solid clubs meant to be gamed. Play em…

If you don’t want to ding up the m85’s, but the clevelands are too light you could always sell the Cleveland’s online and pick up another set of heavier sticks for under $100. There are tons of options out there.
Then you could have a set of gamers you actually like and you can keep the current m85’s looking nice.
Just my thoughts

Does anybody know the head weights of both models?