NOS Persimmons - New Project

Had to buy them when I saw them. NOS Persimmon heads on ebay. 3 drivers and 1 three wood. Have a few steel shafts coming my way so it’s perfect timing.

They are Nomad heads, which I’ve never seen. Not sure if they’re any good, but building something exactly how I want is amazing.

Can post pics as I work on them. $50 after shipping - so not a huge investment if they aren’t great gamers.

Where can I get whipping? Only whipping I’ve used was off old clubs…

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Well, just got the heads. They’re all 6 screw and pretty deep.

Light weights - all are around 190 grams, so I need to add significant weight.

The hosel bore is massive. Fits a .370 parallel iron shaft easily. I assumed they would be bored to a .335 wood shaft with a tight fit. Does allow for customization on lie/loft/fa, but I’ll have to figure out how to fill the significant gaps when shafting.

Sounds like the perfect opportunity to make a Lag pole shaft with a 1 iron. Should be able to get some .370 shafts. Nice to see some pics.

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I’ve got whipping but unfortunately in the UK. You could try the Persimmon Gof Society on Facebook, someone there will help you.

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Haha my thoughts exactly. I got 4 heads, so at least one is getting an iron shaft in it + an extension.

Shafted up a couple of them tonight. The bore was quite large, as I mentioned earlier, so I had to makeshift shims. Need to whip them tomorrow after the epoxy dries, then add more weight and grips. Two more in reserve for other experiments, maybe a pole shaft later on…
Had to hide them in the storage room where the kids won’t find them.

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2 of them are whipped up now. Waiting on grips and more lead powder in the mail.
The epoxy is drying on my first attempt at a pole driver. Iron shaft tipped to about a 2 iron stiffness. I’ll need to extend it about 4 inches to get to a reasonable playing length.

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I keep returning to just look at those golf clubs…wow!
Please let us know how you like them…

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Absolutely. It takes time as my persimmon club building experience is pretty limited. Irons and wedges are easy to work with but Persimmons can be intimidating. I was happy with how the whipping came out on the first driver, but not so much the 3 wood. I didn’t realize how long the neck in that one was originally. It will play just fine though (I hope).

They have fairly deep faces and sit a bit open to my eye, which I’m really happy about. I hate any wood that looks closed.

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Did you flatten out the lies at all?

I didn’t. The lies look fairly normal for persimmon woods to my eye, but I haven’t made an effort to measure yet. I only play my irons a couple flat, so I’m okay with the woods at standard lies so long as the faces don’t look/sit closed.

You’ll probably get sick of my posts, but loving working on these. The ‘regular’ driver and 3w have been weighted up and the ‘pole’ driver now has added weight and whipping. Might use the last driver head for a graphite shaft just for kicks. Depends how testing on the first two drivers goes (if I love one I can create a backup).
The regular driver is 43", 409 grams, D6. Doesn’t feel D6 for some reason and maybe could accept a bit more weight (using my very scientific waggle test, :joy:)
I do need to find screws that will fit the soleplate ports, but after that they’re ready for some action.


Can’t wait to hear how the pole compares to the more standard one.

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The pole is nearly ready. I extended it out to 43.125 inches, gripped it up, etc… Because of the extension and everything, it’s already at 418 grams but only D0, so I need to add a bit of weight as I prefer the D4-D6 range for my woods. It’s going to be heavy, but a lot of that is due to back weight.

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I finally took the ‘pole’ version to the range. Hit a few shots with it, and none flew higher than maybe 20 feet :rofl:

Looks beautiful, but will not be a gamer. Maybe if I added a lot more weight to the head I could actually launch it, but it’s already nearly 15 oz.

I made one similar maybe 16oz about 10 years ago. Couldn’t hit it more than 200 yards. Moe and Hogan :muscle:

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Sweet looking clubs! Almost to good looking to hit?