Norrie Wright

What do you guys think of this? Does this work with a hitter’s protocol? He talks about hitting with the arms so it seems like it would work.


The one issue I see is that he talks of a hinging action with the wrists and rolling over the wrists through impact. That is not what we learn here, but rather an active firing of the wrists into impact, then resisting the rotation of the club through our pivot action. He does talk about slotting the club, which I believe we start to learn in Mod 6. I’m only on 2 so I’m not sure exactly when we start working on the slot. Side note - John has a separate super slotting module which you can start once you get started on Mod 6.

Thanks Les.

I was wondering if the way he transitions at the top is how we will get back to the mod 1 starting point. All will be revealed in due time I guess. How’s mod 2 work going?

It has been a lot more difficult for me than mod 1 I must admit. Still haven’t come close to getting the form right.

John is cleaning up little details. At first I was straightening the left leg into impact, so I am concentrating on keeping some flex in the left knee. Latest is he wants my left arm straight to keep my hands low into the strike. And of course, I concentrate on keeping the spine tilt as I always want to stand up.