Nicklaus vs Watson at Pebble Beach … Watson.swf

First 12 holes at Pebble. Wind, high rough, balata balls, persimmon, and a textbook display of great shot making.

This is an absolute ball-striking parade! And this, after they are quite up there in years also. And of course using the proper equipment as well. Such a beautiful classic track too. This was an absolute joy to watch. It’d love to see the entire round. :wink:

Keep ‘em comin’ Lag!!!


The best players in the world, who have all day to work on their games, and access to the best gear playing on beautifully manicured golf courses, playing in the prime years of their career and then when we see them really on their games in contention… we should be seeing very few poorly struck golf shots. Hitting the ball in the fairway should be a given at this level. A ball missing the fairway should only be a slight run off into the first rough cut, but at least down the correct side of the fairway. Missing greens with short irons should almost never happen. Mid irons rarely, and we should expect to see even long irons hitting the greens more often than not. Greens that are missed should rarely be on the wrong side. Long and left almost never. This match here is a good example of two greats playing a level of golf that should be expected. To me, this is inspiring. It makes me want to improve my own golf, and reminds me of the possibilities of our own human potential.

While there certainly is entertainment value in seeing “scrambling” golf… and a skill set in that also… I am much more impressed by watching masterful ball control from tee to green regardless of how boring that may be to some.

What is exciting to me is to see if the rock solid ball striker can hold up on the Sunday back nine at a major. Where the demands put upon the player’s positioning of the golf ball are intensified and if poor shots come, it’s due to mental pressure, questionable decision making, or just rattled nerves in general.

When I see a great player move through this process, basically unscathed, and they did so playing proper traditional golf gear on a course that clearly penalizes poorly struck or miss judged golf shots, and also having to play all the clubs in the bag… short, mid and long iron approaches into greens that have been designed for those various shot trajectories, only then do I get the feeling I have witnesses something of great golf spectacle. But I don’t think it is only my impression, I get the feeling the players themselves also have achieved something special within themselves. The feeling of great human accomplishment by mastering a very difficult and demanding game in many ways unlike any other game that has ever been invented.

Wow just look at that Nicklaus swing comparison at the end. The young Jack didn’t half slot the club with a hell of a knee bend…low, left exit… any gif experts out there up to the challenge? NRG? :sunglasses:

Get em before the novelty wears off.


Interesting stuff thanks NRG… There are definately some differences going on there, most notably post impact if you compare the shoulder rotation and where the club reappears. Really amazing superslot going on too for the young bear, from across the line the next shot the shaft is 90 degrees to the spine.

No wonder this chap has 18 majors on his mantlepiece