Nick Price Bashes the Modern Game in Golf Digest

I don’t think Nick Price and Vijay have had a falling out. I can only presume he uses Vijay as an example because he is closer to him than he is to Mickelson or Tiger (whose driving stats are just as off the charts) and could get away with saying something like that about Vijay’s tee ball game

He really makes perfect sense. Many players from crossover eras see the difference. Most aren’t at liberty to spout off too much because they get paid huge amounts or living expense amounts from equipment companies that they don’t want to jeopardize. At least Pricey had the nuts to say something where many wouldn’t. And yes, he was a great driver of the ball in his prime- fairways and distance

The Shark spills the beans a little also in this Golf Digest interview from about 5 years ago

I still think the best solution is to split the game into two games…

The titanium game

and the persimmon game

There are plenty of golf courses for both…

just like Indy and Nascar…

I really believe there is room for both…
then everyone would be happy…

I really agree with Geoff Shackelford’s description as “The game formally known as golf” :confused:

With all the money floating around… 5 million a week now? why not just take one of those weeks and split that up into
4 persimmon majors around the globe… it would get interest… and people would come out to watch… if I had the money
I wouldn’t even think twice about it… and if done correctly I don’t think you’d take a bath on it… I mean they are making a
big deal about airing this Snead Nicklaus match at Pebble from 50 years ago… complete with selling advertising time all over the tube… why not do a real one now? I think it’s time… and I do think it will happen as more and more people like Price
come out of the woodwork, and support a serious roll back to shot making…

Put me down for tickets to the 2011 U.S. Persimmon Open at the Sand Hills GC! :smiley:


Price testing the good/bad/old and the ugly with Snead