Newbie PGA Professional

Hi Bradley,
I have been following abs for the past year and finally committed to the modules. I have been a club pro for 20 years and a pga member since 1998. My goals are to further my education on the golf swing and build a swing that holds up under pressure. I am looking forward to reading your posts and learning about how you swing a club. Thanks.

welcome grux
Where you at situated at?

I would also make this suggestion ( not just for my posts but for Lags and a host of others)…go back into threads WAY back into the early pages of the site.
There is some great stuff written in there that has been lost a little because of recent posts.
i always jump back there for a read and a nice refresher course of thinking from time to time.

Good luck and enjoy

Start reading some of the “Top 2000” threads… especially the “Lag, Lightbulbs and Videotape” thread. “Flat vs Upright” and “LTLGM”.

Those are treasure troves of information to start with.

LTLGM is just ridiculous…I reread that about every 3-4 months


I am currently at Gorham CC in Gorham, ME (Great time to be working on Modules!). I have worked at courses in Mass, NH, Maine, Fla, NJ and New York. I am looking forward to reading those threads. Thanks.