New Persimmon coming my way?

I just wanted to pass on a little story that happened this weekend on the course. I hooked up with 3 guys I have never played with before. Two of them were in their late 50’s and the other was a son of one of them. One guy says to me on the first tee, “Wow, those persimmons look great. I can’t believe we used to play with them.” As the round progressed I started hitting most shots fairly decently for me. Then the comments turned into, “you’re mocking us with those clubs”…

But the reason for this post is that one of the guys said that he has a mint Ben Hogan Driver purchased several years ago that he can’t hit. He’s certain that it’s a persimmon (brown stain) and not the laminated version and he’d like to give it to me. He insisted that he wouldn’t take any money for it and appreciates someone who can play with one.

We’ll see if he comes through or not…But I thought it was a potential Birdie!


Keep us posted on that… would love to see some pics of them…

Nice one Mashie,

A member at my just club gave me a set of Titleist Tour Model woods today. :smiley:

Just as a follow up…I guess I didn’t impress that guy too much…No Hogan Driver so far…

But…I’ve been playing recently with a PGA member and he decided to give me his old fairway woods…I didn’t expect this coming at all. Plus he insisted that he wouldn’t take any money for them. He just apprecites someone who might use or refinish them. As you can see 4 out of 5 are persimmons… :slight_smile:

and yes NRG I’m glad to hear about your newly acquired clubs too. Sorry for the late reply.
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