New old Blades

Hello Bradley,
I’m new to golf and to ABS so there are alot of terms that don’t make sence to me. I started hitting the bag yesterday and I take it from reading some forums that I’m going to need a set of blades? I’m confused as to what a straight and an offset is. Did they stop making straight irons? Anyway I went shopping today and found 3 sets, 1 set $100 MacGregor " The 985 ", the 2nd $80 Mac " E257 " and the last $30 " Ben Hogan Producer ". Do any of these ring a bell? They didn’t know how old thet were. They also had a bunch of loose one’s on hand. Which set would you recommend or should I get them all, they also had some loose one’s ? Also I’m hitting the bag with an 5 iron, is that flat enough ? Thanks for being here.

I would think the 985 Macs would be the best of those three choices… but make sure they have some very stiff shafts in them. There should be a band on the shaft… so look for #1 on the band… those would be most desirable. A #2 could work because they could be tipped, or cut off at the tip and re set into the head… then add an extender on the grip side to bring them back to length.