New Iron Bending Machine

Hey everyone,

So I finally pulled the trigger to buy a bending machine. Got tired of taking my clubs to the shop every time i wanted something tweaked or new clubs bent. Plus I trust myself alot more than some of those shop guys. I’m a hands on person and love doing things myself. I enjoy learning the process of how all this is done. I’ve already set my machine up and its super super easy to use.

Next step, learning to remove offset. Anyone have any good tips to start removing offset?

As you can see below, i have collected quite of few classic sets and hoping someday to enjoy hitting them the ABS way! :slight_smile:

My Dream is to:
Shoot a low score with excellent ball striking skills using classic gear that you personally modified, can it get any better than that? :sunglasses:

Nice collection! I’d love to get a bending machine and tinker around myself but I don’t have the space. I remember there is a thread somewhere on this forum about removing offset but I can’t seem to find it now. there’s a youtube video in it + a lot of tips from a bunch of people.

Here it is -

i love your place settings! dinner for 7 and 4 at the kiddie table. :mrgreen:

Haha Thanks!


I had a couple of pms wondering how i mounted my Mitchell iron angle machine. I mounted it to the corner of my desk as shown below. My desk is fairly heavy and the wood top is pretty thick. I think the stand in the concrete is a good idea, but i didnt want to drill holes in my concrete and plus i like having my machine indoors! :smiley:

So far, it works perfect! Doesnt even shake or move the desk one bit. Im surprised that it doesnt require alot of force to bend these irons. Ive only bent forged irons so far, havent done any cast yet, so my thoughts may change haha.

Anyways, below is a few more pictures to show how and where its mounted in my office.


Brandon Peck