New Guy....kicking new equipment to the curb..seeks asst.

HI All,
Been reading thru the posts and am already addicted to the site!! After being “sold” on a new Henry Griffits driver and another Nike frying pan… I have watched my game deteriorate and my apathy grow as my wayward tee shots struggle to find the short grass. A a set of Adams pro a12 irons only added to my continued ambivalence as I watch well stuck approaches scatter hither and yon… BUT WAIT wait an epiphany !.. Wandering thru a thrift shop with my gal and I spy a single Wilson Fg17 Tour Blade 5 iron and pick it up for $2.50., I wistfully cart it home and stick a DG s300 in , head to the range and rediscover the PURITY AND JOY of the well struck golf shot. 2 months later I now have a set of Macgregor Muirfields, Hogan Apex Redlines and a prisitine set of Mizuno MP14 (my least favorite of the 3) all bent 3 deg. flat. An old Sam Snead Strata Block driver is my
practice driver until my Titleist 975d arrives (I foolishly gave 1 away 3 years ago)…
I have rediscovered the game and am thankful for a rich resource like ABS to assist in my continued renaissance! I am working on getting Stack and Tilt out of my system and am interested in the ABS modules, can anyone offer an efficient road map for me to get started. ?

Many Thanks In Advance
So. Cal.

You’ve already started…

Welcome home.

Thanks Lag,
I am going thru the swing vs hitting thread, thoroughly, as I am sure I have a hybrid swing of sorts…certainly want to develop a hitting protocol…
Look forward to the journey.



Get started on Mod 1 asap, first step the hardest. Its a great journey, enjoy.


Thanks Steve,

I will start checking into module 1, any threads you can recommend to build knowledge fairly quickly,



Once you buy the modules you will have access to the private side of this forum, where specific questions about Module application are addressed. And, of course, you get direct dialogue with John, which is invaluable. Unlike a lot of teachers that stroke your ego, John will challenge you. If he says “good work” you know it is good. The public side of this side is excellent. I personally think the “Let’s Talk Golf Machine” thread is the best online resource on high level golf swing theory ever written. You can spend days in it and lightbulbs will go off in your head each day. But ultimately you have to buy the modules and commit to the work. This program offers no quick fixes or pie in the sky secrets, you earn your way to enlightenment.

Thanks Guys, ready to dig in