New Bending Machine + NICE Haigs 1-9

I bought this lie loft machine a while back and haven’t set it up. Given my current schedule, I won’t use it for some time. Comes with a short hosel bending bar. Retails at 389.99 right now on Golfworks (before taxes and shipping). I’m asking for $300 + shipping. You may need a different bending bar if your old clubs have large hosels.

I can unbox it if someone wants specific pictures. In original packaging. I’ve opened it but never used it.

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Second item. I have a set of Haigs with really clean faces for their age. They have new Jumbo grips and the original stiff shafts. Nice feeling clubs, I just love my dynas more.

Good candidates for ABS - you’d need to adjust lofts and lies. I haven’t touched the lies. Most are close to zero offset as is with the main exception being the 1 iron. Asking for $120 + shipping.


|Club|Length|Total Weight|Swingweight|


Bending Machine has sold. Haigs still available.

Bumping. Haigs still available. Already heavy, new grips, stiff shafts, very nice grooves. Bend to abs specs and you’re good to go.

Dropping price to $100 + shipping

Nice set of sticks! Surely someone will pick these up!