New ABSer coming on board!

Hi all,

Been lurking here for a few months and reading a lot of your post and have become convinced that Lag’s program is something I want to pursue heart, mind, and soul. I turn 50 in April and will also finish my Masters in Education at that time. I am looking for a new challenge for the next phase of my life and believe this challenge will be one of the greatest yet. I have already learned so much from you guys and wanted to say thanks for all of your thoughtful post and insights. I have only been playing for two years and have never been coached. I shoot 90-95 but have recently started to have more ball striking success using the insights I have learned from all of you. I recently sold my CB game improvement irons and frying pan driver and replaced them with Mizuno MP-67s and MacGregor Eye-O-Matic persimmons. I still need to work in the ABS specs but I have already found the sweet spot on the persimmons several times and know without a doubt this is the way I want to hit a golf ball for the rest of my golfing life. Look forward to being a part of this great community and hope in some small way I will be able to add meaningful contributions to an already par excellent body of golfing knowledge.