Need Putter advice

With all the club tinkering and serial vintage club buying … I have completely neglected to consider a putter that aligns with the rest of my ABS gear and swing…
I have been putting with some Ping thing with a bunch of offset and a graphite shaft…
any tips on what putter to consider starting with…I’ve read a few threads and
gathered the following:

1- no offset
2- dead weight, length and lie angle pretty close to my pitching wedge…

Lastly if you do want to change the lie angle aren’t most putter heads cast , I can see me breaking one in the vise… :frowning:

thanks all… … &_from=R40

Heel shafted blade putters like TA Ironmasters are really ideal. From there you can add toe weight and put on a round grip and you can bend them down like butter.

Thanks Lag,
Will do some checking around !

appreciate the help

As a discussion point, on the basis that putting and the full golf swing are almost a different game, why the need to have a putter similar to the wedge?
Whatever feels right and gets the ball in the hole is whats needed surely??

I think everyone would agree with that Chris. Whatever works, works…But for those who find putting a frustration over a sustained period I don’t think there is too much wrong with having a different option to try.

My interest in this stems from a post twomasters had submitted regarding a putter he had flattened. Something along the lines (and I am paraphrasing here…) about having a similar club in our hands in respect to feel, lie weight etc. to the club used to get to the green, which
in alot of instances is a short Iron. The flat lie, heavier weight. round grip and Zero offset style putter intrigued me so I am going to give it a go.

I’ll enter the discussion.

I could always hit the ball better than most member at my club. Yet 50% of them could always out putt

I tried everything to improve my putting, and since at the time it was my life, i had all the time in the world to hit putts, and work on it. And i did, hour after hour of stoking putts. In the end, i just resigned myself that i wasnt a good putter, and gave up trying to be one.

Then Lag came up with an idea, to make the difference between what u do with ur full swing, to what u do with ur putter, not as foreign. I think the FIRST thing to do, if u like the idea that its all the same kinda motion, is to get a putter, that matches the rest of ur clubs ie flat stiff and heavy.

I went along with this idea, lag built me a putter, now im comfortable on the greens, and some days, when the planets align, i can get hot. I NEVER got hot in 20 years when it was my job.

I agree, whatever works, go with it, but from someone who tried the dead hands pedulm rock shoulders , straight back and thru ect ect, this has been a wonderful experince, and i now love walking onto the green with anticipation rather than dread


Good Stuff Apples!

I have found that even with my space -age looking putter, by treating my putting stroke like a mini- version of my full swing, and looking at the putting path as a mini full length hole…I have had extraordinary results…, this weekend at my mens club tourney : Iipped out 2-- 30’ to 40’ footers for birdie, and narrowly missed 3- 4 birdie tries…in the 15’- 20 ’ range by less than a ball width, and had ZERO… white knuckle- distance comebackers , this NEVER happend on a regular basis.
Can’t wait to fashion my new putter to specs, I already like the super simple look of the older flat sticks…2 coming at me via ebay express!


No doubt, whatever works. Putting is not bound by the extreme laws of physics that ball striking is.

Like Moe said… “that woman over there in the high heels can sink a 20 foot putt once in a while but she will never be able to flush a 1 iron 210 yards and hold it onto the green”

I find holding a golf club in my hand rather than a putter… and using a golf swing rather than a putting stroke has great merit.
I can putt pretty good now… and on occasion get hot with basically zero practice… which was not a possibility for me before.

You do have to have a good feel for speed or pace. No getting around that… but if you can eliminate the mechanics by following a few basic protocols, then you can spend your time focusing on what is really important… topography, line and pace.


Wise words. This “method” frees the mind sooooooo much. Its such a natural progression from fairway to green it becomes all about speed, touch , feel whatever ya call it. To me, it allows me to look at the hole, as i do my practice swings, and get a great “feel” for the putt (chip roll).

Its like putting when ya were 10 lol


This all sounds very interesting to me. I’ve always been a good Lag putter , but never seem to make much outside 3 feet.

Can anyone clue me in on the basics of the putt/chip roll method as well as suggested putter specs?

I am currently on Module 3 and would love a putting feel that matches.


Probably best to sign up for the putting module if you are serious about giving it a go. I know quite a few of the guys have been having good success with it… including myself. I can make sure you are on the right path, and there is a lot of really good info in there.