Need Help with bending bar hossel scars

I been practicing bending some clubs and every time i bend something, it leaves a impression/knick/scar from the bending bar on the hossel.

How do I fix this so it doesnt mark up my hossel after bending? It looks awful! I followed the instructions to finger tight the adjustable bending bar onto the hossel at its lowest point it can go. Then slightly push or pull in the direction to snug the hossel in and then use small strokes to bend up or down.

Is there a trick to doing this so the hossel doesnt get scarred up?


Well i did a little research and found out they make these to put onto your Hosel to prevent exactly what im experiencing. They also make a bending non-marring bar.


Ugh…well im learning…

If anyone else has any others tips…please feel free to share.


If you ever get another bending bar, mine is made of brass where it comes in contact with the club. Seems to do the trick nicely but I had to re-weld the brass piece and the bending bar back together one time.

My brass end fell off because of too much use, which made it worse for marking the clubs, but better for a tight bending radius for removing offset.

I bought some brass sheets and cut them into strips to fit around the hosel. I am layering two pieces over each other, so far it seems to keep the knicks and impressions off the hosel after bending.

Will look for a place in the future that scraps brass metal so i dont have to keep buying brass sheets.

FYI, 4 strips of brass at 0.010 thickness appears to be the magic number to not leave a single mark on the hosel.

This all done from my trial and error…