need advice

I’m thinking about buying these golf clubs . What do you think abour their price . Is there anything I should know about that Colokrom reg being mentionned , not sure what that is . Thanks for your input ( and please don’t buy it :slight_smile: ) … 5172wt_929

These are the 80’s remakes of the 50’s classics but very different in the way they play. Essentially they are closer to an 80’s blade such as a the MacGregor Muirfields than the original M85’s. Nothing wrong with them but it really depends what you want.

Good luck.


Thank you arnie ,

I really liked the design of the club . Im just looking for a new set of blades and don’t have the money for brand new ones . Those seem to have a long hosel which would make it easy to move angles .

I’d be interested to know what are the diferences between that model and the original M85 .