My routine

Routine is suppose to help the golf swing.
But what is it? It’s different for everyone.
Golfers do it but dont know why they do it.
It just works and helps golfers get into their rhythm and mechanics without thinking about it
Maybe we should not even analyse it cause it’s suppose to be a subconscious effort to get us ready to make a good shot.
So therefore it should stay in the subconscious.

Had some good practice sessions and want to detail me my routine.
Dont want to bore you with details but here’s the abbrevated version.
IM left hand strong /right hand neutral grip player.
I put both hands on my handle
Hinge my wrist
Look at my target in the horizon.
from behind the ball
Regrip my left hand so it’s strong.

Look at the target from behind the ball.
twirl the club with my right hand so my right hand grip is stronger.
Regrip with my left left strong prior to setting my feet.
waggle and swing.

Also NO grounding the club.

I think the most important thing about routine is that is supports the intentions of the shot you are going to be playing.
Certain things are going to be simply habits. If you play enough golf, hit enough balls, certain routines will develop out of repetition alone. My own routine has changed over the years to accommodate improvements in my technique. As my technique has changed, so has my routine to some degree. I don’t think pre shot routine is going to dictate the golf swing in a general sense.

I agree with Lag that a pre-shot routine will not dictate the swing itself. However, I do believe that a pre-shot routine will help in other ways. I have a definite routine. It’s quite involved with considerations for the particular shot at hand, but it doesn’t take much time. Maybe 30 seconds or so and I’m ready. I like a definite pre-shot routine because it make me feel comfortable over the shot, the same procedure everytime, no matter the difficulty (or seemingly easy) shot at hand.

My kind of guy Hoganut. I don’t know if I have a routine anymore. I’ve only had a chance and time to play 11 regulation holes this year so far, except for the 18 pitch and putt I did with my grandson a while back. But those regulation 11 were pretty fun. I was all over the map on the first hole- a five par- but rat managed my way to a par. After that pretty clear sailing tee to green except for some kindergarten putting.

On the last hole a par 3, with a witness from an adjacent hole, I played two balls into it. Nearly got two holes in one on successive attempts to tough pins. Damn they were close. Stuck the first one 2 feet past and the next one 3 feet short. Nice way to end my golfing for 2011. :laughing:

If I were to describe my routine it would be one of things closing down around me. I know what I need to do and I am aware of going into a cocoon where I have only one attempt at an exit- which is the shot at hand. One of the things I did on those 11 holes is something I had never done before that helped me focus- which has always been a big problem with me when playing. This time I told myself I could not smoke until I got a birdie. Usually I’m puffing away in the parking lot getting the bag out of the trunk.

So like I said…first hole par. Second hole really bearing down but another par. Third hole and I need a smoke bad, split the fairway long and had 90 yards in dead center and center pin. Really focusing now…had to get it close…I did. Now the pressure to sink it.

Oddly enough my thoughts were now not so much about missing the putt from 12 feet for birdie as they were really in tune to the point that I didn’t give a hoot about getting birdie…I just wanted my smoke. Drano! :laughing:

If I am having to think about my routine before I hit a shot, then I wouldn’t say I have a very good routine.
I like to stay flexible to feeling each shot in it’s own unique way. Sometimes I hit quick… other times I may not be feeling the shot the way I want… especially these days considering I only get out a few times a month for a game.

Again, I agree. The pre-shot routine should be habit. Not a conscience effort to do anything. A simple proceedure that feels comfortable. Just a way to get into the moment, (like R.R. suggested “getting into a cocoon”). A way to get into that “aloneness” mode when its your turn. Thinking more about it now, my routine is not really a pre-shot routine but an overall process that starts when I arrive at my ball and ends when the shot comes to rest. I’m sure it changes some for the shot at hand, i.e. the amount of waggles, checking target once or twice or thrice, I don’t know. It’s probably more of a personnal thing. I like my little routine to help me “get into a cocoon” for the upcoming shot.