My new baby...

Just ordered my new driver. It’s a little retro, lol… the head came out 3 or 4 years ago, and I put a steel shaft in it… does that count?

Wishon 919thi 11*
Square face
Dynamic Gold TTlite Stiff (tipped an extra 1/2") shaft… playing at 43"
White Tacky-Mac Itomic grip

This thing should be heavy, stiff, and LONG! I can’t wait to get it. I’ll take pics as soon as it comes in.

This Wishon head plays to a MOI of over 5400 when built to 43.5". It should be closer to 5700 at my playing length of 43". Based on all the great reviews it is still workable though.

I’m very excited to get this one in my bag.

… and here she is. Unfortunately I can’t try her out until tomorrow, but she sure is purdy.

For a driver with an MOI over 5400 the shape is very orthodox. The technology is hidden very will. Wishon had a winner with the 919thi. It’s been their #1 seller for the last several years for good reason.