My first Blades

Yesterday afternoon a nice man from FedEx delivered a box contaning my first ever set of muscle backs. I know that most on here advocate the use of older irons so you will have to cut me some slack. my new puppies are Cleveland 588mb’s with S300 shafts (i was scared to choose x100 after having a few swings of Two’s lead weighted X100 MB’s :smiley: ) .they are replacing a set of titleist AP2 cavity backs with R300 shafts.

When i met Two at Patto River last month i told him my goal is to become a better striker of the golf ball. he told me that my current clubs were ok but did point out why heavy blades would be beneficial and why my next set should have at least stiff flex shafts.

to be honest, im a little anxious about how the new sticks will go. i understand the concept of why a blade is a better learning tool. however, as im not a consistant striker of the ball, yet :wink: , am i likely to have to go through some short to medium term pain to achieve the ultimate goal of being the best ball striker i can be? I supose what im aluding to is, will my irion play go backwards before it will go forwards?