My experience switching to hitting.

Hi everyone, most of you know me from ISG, I wanted to talk about my experience switching to Lag’s method of hitting and see how much resonance there is from all of you. I’d then love to hear your stories as well.

So feel free to share your joys and pains, hopefully it will be a sounding board where the man himself can take pleasure from our successes and diagnose our failings!

Firstly, I am a lot further back up the food chain than a lot of you. I am still working on module 1 and really even that has been put on hold until the off season. I have been inspired by the dedication some of you have shown and intend using the months from October through to March to really work hard on modules. I know there are a lot of you who have really worked hard on the modules and are getting the right results.

In saying all of that though, I have seen a big difference in my ball striking because of what I have done and that is why I’d like all of us to use this thread to share experiences good or bad.

One thing I have noticed is that when I hit with angled hinging I get a beautiful 5-10 yard fade that is compressed and launched down the fairway. Lag reckoned that not only would I become more accurate with his teaching, I would not see a loss in distance. I can confirm this as true. I now find that when I am feeling confident I can ‘go at’ the ball much harder than when swinging when there was always a risk the ball could finish anywhere!

I find now that I need to set up very carefully. Playing from impact fix, I have my clubface closed to the target at address. because I am hitting with an angled hinge at 4.30 to low point, the clubface is delivered perfectly square. I have to watch out that I always do this as sometimes I will push or pull shots if the face is not correct at address. This is something I have only recently realised though!!! Bloody well cost me the club championship!!!

I am a long way from the finished article and at times I have thought Lag is a crazy eccentric fool stuck in a time warp!! However, I know there is gold in them thar hills! Enough people that I respect have told me that Lag is on a different level when it comes to teaching and understanding the swing. I know he will get me to scratch and beyond!!

I made a post about old threads and having people go to the beginning of the forum and work backwards because there is some great stuff caught back in the mix that have probably been neglected
I came across this one…Styles…where did you go mate? You sounded so positive and ready to rock and then after one post the thread ceased without any farther additions.
Do you think it’s time to climb aboard again, because you stated that after starting mod 1 you were seeing improvement straight away. As far as I know you never progressed past mod 1 and from reading your thread on iseek the handicap has become stagnant… any chance you will give the modules a go again?

Although I’d love to hear from the man himself, I recollect that Styles went to a swinging teacher. If I recall the posts Styles seemed to find he suited it better.

I do recall his instructor also had somewhat of an internet presence as well and he would chime in on some things he and Styles were working on. I always remember he ended up narrowing his stance even though he is a stronger guy. His instructor felt it stopped him from swaying. This is the opposite of what Lag wanted him to do.

There were very interesting differences between what Lag was getting Styles to do and what Styles ended up doing. I don’t think he posted much about it here (understandably).

I too would love to hear what Styles is up to. I have messaged him but without response. When I go to his youtube channel it does look to me that he has stuck out the swinging course.

Styles was a much better golfer than me when he found Lag so I always wondered if he would stay the course, or if it would work for him.