Muscle Memory and Mice

I just read this article from Clarence Bass’s health and fitness website, which is full of good reviews of articles and books. As for me, nearly everything I read goes through my mental “golf filter”, wondering how the information relates to golf, and can save me a shot or two…or at least keep me in the game and enjoying it for decades.

This month has an article about a study in Norway showing how mice(Rat) muscles increase their DNA containing nucleoli as a response to exercise, and linger long after exercise is stopped…and how this may be a mechanism for muscle memory
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Clarence’s advice: “Start early-and never stop.”

My thoughts go to the ABS drills. The DNA nucleoli building must be happening with the drills.

Welcome aboard the rat highway Eagle. Now that the secret is out…I will tell you that us rats only have to find our way through the maze one time…further attempts are simply history repeating itself. :sunglasses: RR