MR. HOGAN, The Man I Knew

EVERYONE here at ABS (including the lurkers) needs to seek out this book and read it!

Mr Hogan, The Man I Knew is a book written by LPGA Tour veteran Kris Tschetter. Kris shared her stories and instruction bits she gathered with her time as Hogans close friend and student. Rare insight from someone whom Hogan really took a liking to and spent much time with through most of his later life.

Some of the swing tidbits in this book are exactly in line with ABS principles and sometimes even dispells some myths about Hogan. It also is recommended reading for all Hogan fans. It isn’t a biography or a swing book but more of a memoir along with swing talk.

Quickly from memory as I was reading it at the store: Hit as hard as you can with right-hand. Someone who never played Ballata just doesn’t know what it is like to have the control/feel. Hogan preferred to take away one side of course and worked diligently to get his equipment inline with that thinking. His driver was by far the heaviest club Kris has ever picked up in her life. Mentioned briefly how Hogan believed that club accelerating fastest AFTER was the KEY to straight/accurate and even had Kris find again the physics book he first read it in (dispelled today though?). Practice and more practice was what he preached, Hogan even felt he could not miss one day. This was also mentioned as his “in the dirt” secret as one had to learn what worked for them. Hogan advocated a very weak left grip (even had Kris go to extreme at the range of left thumb on top-left side of grip to ingrain it) as this too was part of his principle of one side of course (we really have to keep his hooking problems in perspective when Hogan talks of grip though I think).

In the book is also a swing sequence from a film not available anywhere as it was taken while they were messing at the range together and he let her film him.

I am about to order a permanant copy of this treasure for myself. Not sure if I can post quotes though legally?

Shortly after this book was released in Oct 2010, The Golf Channel did a segment:

It’s a book I also want to grab sometime. I heard Kris talking on another interview a few months back and it sounded like a great read. She also mentioned her husband had the privilege of seeing both Moe and Hogan hit balls, from which he observed how similar their impact sound was and how unlike anyone else it was.

Enjoyed that interview - thanks for posting.
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