Most Durable Shoes

I’m very happy to be tearing up the right big toe of yet another pair of golf shoes. However, I’m curious as to whether anyone can recommend a pair that they thought were particularly well reinforced in this area, enough to withstand our module two squeeze. I get a quarter-acre of dirt under the sole with each swing, it seems, and I need something a little more durable.

I’ve found Footjoy Classics to be pretty much indestructable, although I do rotate a few pairs so they aren’t getting worn every day.

Best I can think of would be the Vecci shoes that Payne Stewart used to wear - complete with plate on the toe!!

Some on Ebay here- price seems good too if the size is right (10.5D)

Also looks like you can buy them direct from the manufacturer:


Wow…short of steel toed boots, I suppose that you can’t beat that. Thanks for posting, I will definitely look into those. How painful is it to see those ugly rubber “spikes” on the sole?

Yeah, agree about how bad the soft spikes look on those shoes. Hopefully they have a metal thread so you can use some old Tungsten or Cermet spikes instead.