Morri, Willow, and Lag on "Talking Golf Australia" Show

Here is a radio interview we did yesterday for Rod Morri’s “Talking Golf” show. Rod has been a great supporter of this site,
the LTLGM thread, and understands the high quality of the persimmon era players.

Rod’s Website is:

and there are lots of interesting interviews in the archives there also.

Geez, that was pretty cool stuff. Is that program a regular radio broadcast in Australia over the airwaves, or can it only be accessed via the internet.

Got to thinking while listening that it would be pretty neat to be able to, instead of writing these posts, to do an audio response (post) instead. Is that kind of technology available?

Liked the discussion about chipping. I used to chip primarily with an arm swing, but since finding ABS, I now chip almost entirely with my feet and like it a whole lot better…I just screw right down into the ground so that I can feel the amount of leverage to use coming back the other way.

About qualifying for the Open…that would be awesome! Unless you’re a bat, rats don’t like to fly, but if you qualify I might have to scramble my way onto an airliner along with my handy bag of Cheese-Its. :slight_smile: RR

Hey Lag, thanks for posting that, it was great to have you on the show. We’ll definitely do it again some time.
RR, to answer a couple of questions: the show is an internet only podcast. It is, however, “broadcast” live every Tuesday your time, 5pm East Coast (4pm from next week) and 2pm West. Just go to and you can listen there.
The reason I do the show live sort of answers your other question…yes it is possible to do talkback live on the internet where we could have a guest on and listeners can ring in with their own questions or input. It’s my whole aim for the show as I just don’t see anybody doing anything like it in golf and I personally feel like the game lends itself to lots of discussion, in all its myriad facets, and talkback radio is the ideal vehicle.
With the game and internet being global, and the technology allowing us to take the web with us pretty much everywhere we go now, it seems like this idea could actually work.
Hope that answer some of your questions and thanks for the kind words. Look forward to chatting with you on the radio one day!!

Rod Morri

[size=150]TOUGH LOVE!
That was awesome…


Look forward to listening, Rod, I can’t bear to drive to Sydney without having golf radio comin’ through and getting tired of the American golf radio shows. Swinging in the Sticks seems to have stopped as well.

What was your screen-name on ISG if you don’t mind me asking?

Rod and I are going to try to pull off a tech miracle here a week from Sunday, and attempt a live webcast radio show where ABSers can call in from their hand held’s and talk live with us through the cosmos.

If it works out, we’ll try to do it once a month with interesting guests, and commentary… hopefully.

I’ll have something put up about it on the main page this coming week, and a global clock so everyone can tiptoe out into the garage in the middle of the night in their jammies.

Actually, we are going to try to time it so it’s early morning in OZ, 1 pm here in SF, 4 on the east coast and around 9pm in the UK.

It will be a free call in from anywhere in the world… :sunglasses:

Hi Steb, never rally posted much at ISG - or any of the forums I frequent for that matter - just a lurker at heart. from memory I might have gone by Frank Spencer. You can subscribe to TalkinGolf on itunes if you’ve got one an ipod and then listen in the car via an fm frequency tuner thingy. I bought one for about 12 bucks on ebay and it works well. There’s already about 60 episodes or so in the archives (just go to and click on archives) so plenty of material if you spend a lot of time in the car. I also do the show live every week these days on Wednesday at 8am Sydney time so if you’ve got a smart phone and internet access you can stream it while you’re on the move.
Swinging in the sticks was only a 26 week trial if I recall and I’m not sure if it will be back next year. I thought it was surprisingly good when it was on and had it on my ipod for the drive to golf every Wednesday. It’s hard to find good golf radio so if you’ve got any links to share let me know. I’m always looking for stuff to listen to (I’m a radio junkie as well as a golf junkie). If yo;re up and about early on a Sunday morning (about 5am I think it is( 2GB now have a golf show on every week with Larry Canning and another bloke who’s name I can’t remember. I haven’t had a chance to listen yet but I know Canning pretty well and he can be a very funny man so I must remember to tune in.
Any feedback is always welcome Steb (and anybody else) so feel free to get it touch with any thoughts or ideas. You can e-mail me via the contact page at


I’ve got a feeling Larry’s mentioned your name before come to think of it–it sounded familiar and I don’t read mags. If you see him, apologise from Simon for waking him up last Sunday morning–I forgot he’d just got to bed after his radio show. Then retract the apology. In other words, just remind him that I woke him up.

2GB stream as well as you probably know, I just record it and listen to it later.

Swinging in the Sticks was very listenable. Not always in agreement with Mark Allen’s ideas on where golf should be heading (hybrids, jeans, short courses, rule changes etc) but decent content.

The other two I regularly listen to are Real Golf Radio and Golf Talk Radio–the two main golf radio shows in the US. Ok for listening while you’re driving but not totally captivating.

Agree with your assessment of both Real Golf Radio and Golf Talk Radio. I listen to both occasionally but not on a regular basis.
Quick question re recording the stream…how do you do that? As far as I can tell they don’t make the show available as a podcast and I keep forgetting to syream it even though I’m normally awake at that time.
And congrats on waking Larry up. Anything you can do to upset/annoy/generally make his life difficult is to be applauded.

I’ve got a pretty complicated setup here which is totally overkill just for internet radio, so I won’t go into that, but there are tonnes of audio stream recording programs out there, many freeware, even with scheduling. They might require you to start the stream before you go to bed, but they’ll kick in and just record the time you want.

Thanks for the tip Steb. I’ll hit Google and see what I come up with.