more Wilson Tour blocks!

I know I posted these on the ebay purchase thread, but couldn’t resist posting them here,
another 1/2 a ‘C’ note down the tubes! Probably my imagination but these look like they have barely been hit!!
S400 shafts so they should be stiff enough, need about an oz. of weight on the driver… will be too chicken to flatten them as they are pretty nice looking! :smiley:
new staff blocks.JPG
new staff blocks fov.JPG

those are nice. have they been refinished or just never out of the box?

either way, cool set of woods. i have a 3 and 5 wood wilson tour block that are now where near that
nice, no screws on the face and old dynamic shafts but i game the 5 wood quite a bit…

Thanks Kirk,
Man, judging by the sole plates it does not look like they have been hit, or they were so lightly used that they just required
a touch up… either way I am stoked with them, new grips and some weight and I’ll play 'em … I have a few others I have apart
until I hone my skills a bit more…

see ya

14.7 ozs… of heaven! … I added a little length to the driver ( up to 43 3/4 '), weighted a bit of lead down the shaft, and a few strips…of lead tape at the rear of the head ( hidden fairly well so as not to mar the beauty of this baby !) and hit 20 or so balls today at the range… Sooo sweeet!.. what a great feeling club… working the ball out there pretty deep and straight as a bullet !! I am 500 reps from getting to mod 2 this weekend, and cannot believe the sound and compression I am getting at impact as I improve on syncing the rotation of my forearms, and torso in the strike zone and beyond…awesome stuff!
Will definitely game the driver this weekend at my mens club yearly money tourney!

14.7 staff.JPG