Modules baby Modules!!!!

At first I was a bit lackadaisical in my commitment to practicing modules 1-3. But even so I still improved and shot my all time low on a specific course that had chewed me up and spit me out many times. I was thrilled and became a believer.
I decided that a more diligent devotion to these drills was just what I needed if I was going to break 80 and conquer the beast.

I took the pros advice and started practicing dills more than hitting balls. I watched Lags videos and concentrated on my form, it wasn’t easy at first but I just did my best and stuck with it, setting aside some time each day to do the drills. After the first week I could definitely see an improvement in my wrist and forearm strength, I also started to feel more confident and athletic when addressing the ball. What a difference a few weeks can make.

I did it !!! I posted my first ever 78 on my home course yesterday. Modules are now a way of life for me and I couldn’t be happier.
Thanks to ABS and especially twomasters for all the information and encouragement. I couldn’t have done it with out you :smiley:

That’s exciting! Congrats…I like your bale of hay. :bulb:

Dani is the WO-man…Glad you are kicking ‘a’ and starting to take some names…it’s fun to play with less thought and no fear… keep at it…the only way is up

Well done Dani, that is inspiring stuff and you’re really lucky to have Two as your trainer - keep slamming the bag!

That’s inspiring to hear. Congrats!
Well done, and more good scores will come.
Keep up the good intentions!

Congrats Dani! Very inspirational… I hope to get their one day myself. Great job, you must have been excited and relieved!!!

Wow, where does the time go? Summer was great and my golf was as good as it could be (4 me). A few great rounds, lots of good rounds and a couple humiliating rounds to keep me humble. I even managed to wrestle a club championship away from a 20 year old college player who had held it for three years. I was feeling pretty comfortable and although I never stopped lurking around here I did slip away from hitting the impact bag. I know, excuses are lame but it was hot … and I was busy… and the waves were calling my name…
As a result my game has been on a downward slide, getting more and more inconsistent as the days turn into weeks and the weeks turn into months.
What’s a girl to do? It’s time to stop the bleed! So it’s back on the module wagon for me, add in some lessons from Two this winter and I’m thinking duel club championships in 2011 !!!

Like I said, I am lurking around here so for gods sake, “Keep your cape on Captain!” :blush:
And no more RED pills for the rat or the chimp. :stuck_out_tongue:

Careful, Dani…you don’t know where that cape’s been! Even super heroes have a dark side. :wink: Besides, it’s getting near Winter and more clothing is necessary for survival!

Honestly, do not sit back on your laurels! Your view of the golf swing is going to change soooo much from module 1 to module “X” (in a good way) - it isn’t even funny. Btw, improvement doesn’t always translate into positive scores immediately, but just like anything else…that increase in ability doesn’t work in a linear fashion (were a person anal enough to actually graph it :wink: …styles?..Mandrin?). However, you will improve in dramatic fashion the more you press the boundaries. I feel I’m a perfect example as I’m what would be considered a “competent” golfer by handicap, but through ABS am becoming a true Illuminati of our shared passion. The caveat being an Illuminati in a willingness to try and share the knowledge of a few to the many. Of course, the side effect of my charity is a rather embarrassing number of inoculations for STD’s the past 2 years. All in the name of progress though! :wink:

Captain Chaos

When I first saw Mod 3 I was stunned. Playing around with it came Scuff and Shovel as Mod 3 felt like a shoveling action to some extent. I was happy with that feel description until I saw Lag’s Hogan Mod 3 Vimeo.

I have watched that video over and over and over trying to capture what it looks like but couldn’t quite put my finger on it until today…and with a little help from nature.

As I have done nearly every morning for some time now I played that video over and over and this morning was no different than others…no answers. Frustrated, I went to the kitchen for coffee and while standing looking out the window contemplating that motion amid a steaming cup of joe…a fly landed on the window screen. My first thought was that it’s a little late in the season for flys. Then my next thought was “holy sh-t, that’s it” :astonished: :bulb:

It’s a swatting motion. He’s swatting something! I couldn’t find Lag’s post in the forums so here’s a link. Take a look and tell me that’s not a swatting motion from the ball to PV5. Now beauty may be in the eye of the beholder…but it’s a swat.

I have looked for fictional or actual accounts in golf books for the words…“go ahead, give it a good swat” or something like that to no avail. Anyone know of any? BTW…a swat is defined as hitting something with a flat object. In this case the flat is the path.

A fly and a rat…who would have thunk it. Hope Emily Dickinson isn’t prophetic. :laughing: RR


swat…In Hogan’s case it was S.W.A.T. …Special Weapons( flat, heavy, underslung, negative bounce) and Tactics


Hmmm…IMHO I’d say module #1 is the swat! Module 3 is the pivot engine to keep pressure on the shaft.

Rat, regarding the flies…you don’t happen to live in Amityville, do you? :smiling_imp:

Captain Chaos

You’re correct there Captain about M1 & M3. It’s just that when I saw the motion from that perspective it put the entire package into pretty clear perceptual view. I just think that video is one, if not the best, video I’ve ever seen regarding Hogan…and how perceptive Lag was in figuring that piece out, not only in a functional way, but for video illustration as well.

But again, you’re right…technically the swat starts with Mod 1, but in my book the swat starts as an overall intention…but it took Mod 3 from that particular view to bring that image home to it’s final resting place.

I don’t know what a swat “means” to others, but I know what it means to me…and foot pressures come to mind quickly!

Lord of the Flies sounds like a good new username :laughing: RR

OK I am going to try and pretend I did not read/hear that. There is very good reason why nobody has ever referred to any part of the golf swing as a ‘fly swat’. That just brings up all sorts of OTT, wrist flippy images and feeling, SOOOO not good for ME.

Fortunately though I had a :open_mouth: :bulb: moment of my own today. While contemplating my worst nightmare, a wedge shot to a par 5 green…IT HIT ME ! P3-P5 is juat like spanking someone HARD with a paddle…not that I have any personal experience but I have given it some thought. :sunglasses:
I don’t ever recall having read/heard anyone refer to the golf swing as a spanking either but I still think I am onto something :slight_smile: … spank1.jpg

Thanks for your illuminated wisdom (i think) and I am not really sure what else to say except , "Someone has to do it, be safe and remember it’s never charity at the end of a gun :wink: "

That’s what’s cool about it…meanings are in people.

For me swinging is the flippy dippy stuff…swatting is hitting.

Tell 'ya what Dani…I’ll swat…you spank…and Captain can comment :laughing: RR

I think you may be on to something Dani!
This guy sure is holding the flex quite nicely…
Also, this “spanking intention” you speak of somehow has an added benefit. :bulb: No more first tee nerves, ever… or so I’ve heard :blush: :laughing:

Swinging vs. Hitting =
Whipping vs. Spanking

My inner Captain Chaos is finding it very difficult to remain silent with all of the shenanigans going on here…
I just have to say that IOZ naming his jpg photo, “spank1” is pretty damn funny. And it actually is a really good image too… for golf, I mean.

Got to thinking about the word swat. In my early years the word swat was interchangable with spank. I think too often growing up I heard…“range stop that or I’m going to swat you!”

Boy have times changed. You can’t do this now…but when I was in the fifth grade we had an art teacher who used to play, I think AAA, ball with the LA Dodgers as a pitcher before busting out and becoming a teacher. Anyway…he used to have a black paddle with holes in it that he would use on the excited, misbehaved youth of the day. Prior to using it on the behind of the affected youth…he would take some chalk and draw a jolly roger upon the striking surface.

It was almost like a badge of honor to walk the hallways with a jolly roger image embroiled upon the backside of your pants. :laughing: RR

If we are on the same page, I’d say that depends on the size of the gun and the way in which said charity is asked for. (i.e. you can beg for the Captain, you can kneel before The King, but please…don’t call me Daddy.) :wink:

I’ll leave the rest of the discussion alone as I try not to get pulled into base conversations as I have an image to uphold and golfers to help. <cough, cough>

Captain Chaos

Who cares about double eagles…when we can have our fill of double entendre :laughing: RR

Now I know I have no business posting in this thread since I am moduleless :smiley: and I do slack off a lot with hitting a bag to keep in shape but it’s a new year and time to pump it up to keep father time at bay.

Found the Rat’s new theme song…great for a nice forearm burn and cardio along the way. I hit the bag on the word “Pump”’- which drops on count 1 of the measure, then I have three counts to reset before pivoting back into it.

So if you will excuse me it’s time to pump it up…