Modern balls with vintage gear?

Update on the Wilson FG Tour.

I used it for the first time today. Hard to find here locally in central Cal. My wife ordered a dozen through Wall-mart.

My personnal review:

  1. Very workable golf ball.
  2. Feels very soft off the persimmons and blades.
  3. Flies a little higher than I like, but the distance is comparable if not longer then the ProV-1. (Off persimmon).
  4. Has a real “cushy” or “kushy” sound especially off the irons, which I like a lot.
  5. Putts true. Soft feel off my brass blade.
  6. My chips/pitches came up real short, so some short game practice with it for me is mandatory.
  7. I don’t want to lose one, not only for the penalty, but because I like the ball.

See link below

I have been told these balls are much closer to the older style ball—close to the older Hogan balls

I haven’t tried them and they are only available online thru the site, but have heard some good things about them as far as using them with persimmon

If someone has tried them…post a report…could be a good cheap option for the feel you are after

Has anyone tried the Srixon Soft feel Ladies? I heard that they felt pretty good when hitting of persimmon. I’ll have to try that and compare it to the Wilson FG tour.

Thought this was interesting conversation with the Golden Bear about the modern ball from his vintage perspective. … ture=feedu

I think both Jack and that guy from the USGA are both deluded when they say “technology has been a good thing”. :imp:

And that driving distance has levelled off. That has been disproven here by statistics from Bradley Hughes.

Distance has definitely not leveled off…if it had then why do they feel the need to lengthen courses ALL the time for tournaments?..we now have par 4 holes over 500 yards.
Firestone (site of last weeks Bridgestone) …when I played it in 1993 & 1998 as Australian masters Champion was decidedly shorter in length but we all hit longer irons into each hole. The 8th & 9th hole at Firestone have been lengthened by close to 50-60 yards and yet players are still hitting 7 and 8 irons in to those green, whereas we were hitting 6 & 7 irons into the 8th and 4 and 5 irons into the 9th even with the 50 yard head start !!
It is just flat out lying to say distance has not increased by much and has leveled out

As Nick Faldo tweeted last week:

Is anyone using these Wilson FG tour balls?
Any further feedback?

I haven’t seen them around here… or ever found one in the brush at Mare.

I’ve never seen one either. I looked online, and I saw they cost as much as Prov1’s, which is what I’ve been playing for forever, but I don’t have to buy those as they are abundant around my course. They sound like they would be worth a shot, but I doubt they would be noticably softer than a Prov1. It sure is tough to find new balatas though, unless you want to pay $75 to $100 a dozen on ebay.

Have you played much with a modern 3 or 4 piece ball (or even 5 piece in the case of the Taylormade Penta)? I remember reading that you used a 2 piece low compression ball for the 09 US Open qualifying. I think you’d find a good modern ball a little more pleasing than what you used, but it’s still way different from persimmon.

I just did another search though and it looks like the price might have dropped quite a bit on the FG Tour.


I’ve got a dozen and not really all that crazy about them…They seem to flight a little low for me from driver through wedge…However they do spin more which sounds counter to what one would expect with a lower flight… I’m still testing and will get back with you with some better details. I found some seller on ebay for about $20 a dozen and charge a flat $6.99 for up to at least 10 dozen…

Good one Dani, I think that it’s safe to say that Dick isn’t telling the truth here :slight_smile:

Lag, I’ve been using the FG Tour for a couple months now. Please see my review posted above. (On page 3, posted June 12, 2011). I’ve lost two of them. :angry:

My curiosity was peaked reading about this FG Tour ball from Wilson. Couldn’t find on the shelf at Wall-mart, Target or Dick’s Sporting goods. Made a trip over to “The Golfers Warehouse” and picked a box off the top of the pile. (Golfer’s Warehouse have locations over here in Ct, RI and Mass.)

Ball definitely has a “tacky” feel about it.

Teed it up for 9 holes the other day. Unfortunately I wasn’t swinging well (Hey, Lag doesn’t let new forum members peek at the modules) :cry:
However, I can say that the ball felt really sweet off my persimmon and I did not notice any difference in my usual ball flight.
I was missing the fairway with slight pulls and pushes on my drives and so could not get a good distance read. But it seemed to pop off the insert really sweet, and I definitely didn’t lose any distance. I worried that I was going to get side spin issues with the ball, but I never hit anything that “curved” unless I was trying…
Almost lost one in a creek… :open_mouth:
Glad I didn’t. I know enough from the experience that it will be my game ball next time out.

I’ll try to post again after some more rounds.

Thanks to all who mentioned this ball on ABS.


Interesting article about new vs. old balls. I hear the balata balls lose their ‘zip’ after more than 10 years or so. I reckon they would have performed better if they had been made in more recent times… And the newer drivers would not have helped either I guess… … golf-ball/

I have tried the FG Tour and its a Hands on Winner against Pro V; Z-Star; Callaway Tour Ix/z. My first FG tour, I used it for 3 rounds (saving it from potentially troubling shots) and the cover has held amazingly well. My only issue with it, because I line up my putts, is that the aim line is not on the middle circular line of dimples (unlike Pro V). Is that a quality control issue and does it even matter???

Quit using the line. Its like a crutch. My putting got exponentially better when I stopped.

His study with Trackman.
The newest ball going almost 40 yards farther than a Tour Balata.
USGA is really doing their job… :confused:

Titleist Tour Balata 100

* Total Distance 261.6 yds
* Carry 224.7 yds
* Clubhead Speed 110.1 mph
* Ball Speed 160.7 mph
* Smash Factor 1.46
* Attack Angle -0.4 degrees
* Spin Loft 9.0 degrees
* Launch Angle 6.5 degrees
* Spin 2789 rpm

Professional 90

Titleist Professional 90

* Total Distance 262.1 yds
* Carry 251.9 yds
* Clubhead Speed 110.6 mph
* Ball Speed 161.4 mph
* Smash Factor 1.45
* Attack Angle -3.1 degrees
* Spin Loft 6.9 degrees
* Launch Angle 6.5 degrees
* Spin 2915 rpm

Pro V1 – 392

Titleist Pro V1 - 392

* Total Distance 286.4 yds
* Carry 251.9 yds
* Clubhead Speed 110.1 mph
* Ball Speed 164.7 mph
* Smash Factor 1.50
* Attack Angle -3.0 degrees
* Spin Loft 10.8 degrees
* Launch Angle 6.5 degrees
* Spin 2739 rpm

Pro V1 New

New Titleist Pro V1

* Total Distance 298.4 yds
* Carry 271.1 yds
* Clubhead Speed 110.8 mph
* Ball Speed 167.2 mph
* Smash Factor 1.51
* Attack Angle -3.1 degrees
* Spin Loft 11.7 degrees
* Launch Angle 7. degrees
* Spin 2850 rpm

From “The Rules of Golf” (2010-2011)

Appendices II and III
“…Any design in a club or ball which is not covered by the Rules, which is contrary to the purpose and intent of the Rules or which might significantly change the nature of the game, will be ruled on by the USGA”

Yes, it will be “ruled on” alright…

Appendix II - Design Of Clubs
1. Clubs (a.General)
“…The club must not be substantially different from the traditional and customary form and make.”

Hmmmmmmm… … … … . . . . . . . . . If a huge 460cc hollow shell of Titanium who’s thin face wall allows the traditional COR (Coefficient of Restitution) to jump from .78 to .83 does not qualify for “substantially different from traditional and customary form and make”… … . … Then what will? This alone is accounting for a 21 yard difference in driving distance at a swing speed of 100mph. (increased swing speed will result in increased distance)
Why is the modern driver reaching that .83 COR??? Because the thin face of the driver is “giving” a bit when the swing speed reaches at least 100mph. (see photo at top of this link to see what the modern frying pan/trampoline/Soma driver is doing…) … ution.html

Read the following article which can be found on the USGA Rules Website.

It appears that the Overall Distance Standard of the ball can be “kept standard” and changed at the same time !!!
All you have to do is…
Change the testing equipment and jack up the swing speed to 120 mph!!!

Good Grief…

I really don’t understand what was wrong with the game before all this craziness.

Courses and gear designed to compliment one another. Woods and irons. Woods being made of wood… irons being made of metal.

Putters being the shortest club in the bag… not the longest (broomstick)

Shoes with proper traction (steel spikes)

Golf balls that you could spin to shape your shots.

Courses designed to put a premium on driving accuracy especially at the tournament or professional level.

A game based upon tradition rather than technology.