Mod 1 question

Hi Bradley,

I just started about a week ago with the Mod 1 drills and have a question I’m hoping you can clear up. I have written John about this, but I don’t think I made myself clear about what I’m concerned about. Some I’m hoping you can help. I realize that this drill is just to train the hands and wrists to actively fire, but in both videos when John is demonstrating the drills, his impact point on the bag with the club is quite high up. Considering we’re going to do this drill many thousands of times and ingrain this feeling into our swing, why are we not striving to hit the club into the bag somewhere near low point? Is John’s recommended pivot move in Mod 2 going to solve this issue?



I would say I probably do the same thing.
I think the bag is actually out ahead of low point so the club reaches the low point and then is moving up slightly as it reaches the bag.
I wouldn’t get too concerned about it as long as you are feeling the forearm and wrist rotation into the ball from the 4.30 line with minimal hand movement and large range of club movement and don’t get that forward shaft lean.
Because this is a range of motion and firing drill and there is no ball there I wouldn’t worry. The exercise is to strengthen, tone and teach the hands when to actively fire. The ball will be sitting there ready to be struck and will just get in the way of the motion as you get better at the drill and then hit full shots.
Module 2 footwork will also help you when you progress to that as you suggested

i am sure other students can weigh in and probably say the same thing …that it is of no big concern as it is a drill and the real swing and your intuition to strike the ball will take care of itself when the ball is there

Ok, thanks. I’ve been setting up the bag at low point, I’ll move it up a hair, at least to make myself fell better about it. :slight_smile:

On another note, For about a year or so, I’ve been playing with a back weighted modern driver. I felt it aided in slowing down my transition and have used it to pretty good success. For use with ABS, I could see the overall increase in weight as a positive but the greater relative lightness of the head as a negative. What do think, should I ditch the back weight?



If it works keep it in the rotation and use it

We all find it best to practice with something older, heavier to get the muscles activated and functioning,…then over time you can adjust your club accordingly to what suits your feel and speed and the like

We like to practice with something that gives us the feedback we desire

Then when the gun goes off in an event use whatever you want to use…over time your feel and idea may change on what feels best to play with - FOR YOU- and you will make the necessary adjustments.

That’s what we like to work on- YOUR FEEL- no-one can tell you what to specifically use or even what you are specifically feeling in your swing. But as long as you know and feel the signs and digest all that with the information you garner here at ABS, you will be fine

I finished mod 1 about a week ago. I noticed in the video that Lag was hitting the bag high also. When I did mod 1 I hit the bag high also. More in to the lower middle part of the bag. I didn’t ask the question about it but I figured hey if he’s doing it I’ll do it to plus I knew he was working on the wrist and drive in to impact, muscle building, ingraining etc… I stuck with it. I don’t remember my rep count but it was well over 13 or 14k. It’s a grind do what you can do and know what your stopping point is before you blister or hurt something else.

Now I didn’t ask the question and I did as Lag did. I can tell you that my chipping after mod 1 is a lot of fun. I can lay the face of the club at any angle and execute and the wrists and forearms do their thing. Sometimes I’ll start chipping in the yard and keep telling myself 10 more and probably 100+ later I’m going in the house when the sun is coming down. My advice: just let those muscles build (trust me they will) and a small adjustment down in to the ball isn’t difficult that is if you are high at impact point. Push through, the more reps you do the more difficult it is for your muscles to keep up. Lag will guide you well through the journey I’m sure. Good Luck.