Mizuno MP57 muscle back

i’m currently using mizuno MP57 muscle back irons and basically looking for advice on clubs etc etc etc.i began M1 last monday and looking to go flat asap would it be worthwhile buying vintage blades or what?? the only clubs in my bag which have feel or weight to them are my cleveland wedges 54*/60*

ROBBO any suggestion or anyone else!!

thanks in advance

PS-i know for a fact that my res pro shop will laugh at me when i ask to go 3-6* flat! :laughing: :laughing:


Yes… get a set of vintage irons. Anything from the 60’s (Hogans, Macs, or Wilsons) is a good starting point and you can “grow” your collection from there. If you can find a set with stiff shafts in them already then you’ll be good to go when they show up (except for getting them flattened). No aluminum shafts! I still lean toward finding sets that have the original shafts in them, but with the “really old” stuff it can be hard to do and the shafts may just not be right. Don’t be too worried about the cosmetic condition… most of those older sets will look a bit worn but will still have plenty of groove left in them.

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I was recently given Hogan Bounce Sole +1 irons. The guy had them in his garage and couldn’t hit them and asked if I would like them. I was trying to remain cool and said “sure I’ll take them off your hands and help make some room in your garage.”

I know…what a guy! My question is, they have Apex 4 shafts and the shaft on the 6 iron is bent. I have been looking to replace it with no luck so far so I thought about replacing the shaft. Do you know of a replacement shaft that is comparable to the Apex 4? Thanks

I’m not an expert, but I think Apex 4’s are closer to today’s x100s than S300s.

With a little bit of patience I wouldn’t have thought it would be too difficult to find a single Apex 4 shaft on ebay on via clubmaker forum. How about this one and then just have it trimmed/fitted:


Or maybe someone here will have some lying around.

Good luck, Arnie

You could go to the local clubfitter and have them analyze one of your Apex 4 shaft in a different iron. If they have a shaft frequency analyzer, that should be able to give you a good idea. I hate to say that I don’t think the Apex shafts were very tight in Quality Control. I had one friend who measured them to be a S400 and another friend measure his Apex 4 shafts to be in the X300 range. If you like the shafts, that’s fine…but I would get them frequency analyzed first so you know exactly what the flex of the shaft is.

MP-57’s are actually cavity back irons. Mizuno made some MP-67’s which really didn’t sell well, but were a quality iron. I think you can get a brand new set of those for under $400 now.


You guys are awesome!! I much appreciate the help…littlealm