Mizuno MP14 2i - PW (to lag's loft and lie specs)

Hi. I’m new to the forum. I’m selling a good set of Mizuno MP14s (2iron thru PW) that I recently bent to lagpressure’s EXACT loft and lie specs (see below). The shafts are DG S300U. All shaft bands are present. The grips are ribbed green gp victory. All shafts are straight and in condition. There are no dents or dings in any of the iron heads. There is the normal bag chatter you’d expect. Only a few of the clubs have browning. Overall this is a really good set of blades. My low round this season is 64 ( so you know I’m not some hacker trying to unload junk ).

I’ll sell these for $150 plus $15 shipping to continental US (lower 48). I have too many sets and need to thin the herd.

My email is swardet at live.com or you could PM me. I would sell these on ebay, but thought given fact they are bent to these very flat specs you guys would like first shot at them. I have 100% seller rating and have been on ebay since 1999, and have only done 300 transactions total since then, so I’m not just out dumping clubs. If you’d like to see my positive ebay ratings just mention this to me in your email (since I’m new to this forum I would imagine you would want to verify something about quality).

Thank you.


Hi. I have had a couple of requests for photos. Here is a link to the 10 photos → http://imageshack.us/g/692/img1068kw.jpg/

I have also been asked for offset specs. A quick search on Google yeilds no specific measurements for offset. The closest thing I’ve found just says “They feature cut away muscleback design and a slight offset…

These have been sold and are no longer available.