Miura Tournament blades

I have 2-pw , x-100’s tipped, lie angles set correctly 55 degree 5 iron… I hit my persimmons great, but when I grab the irons, they feel very light… I can’t find the head weights off their site, but vid shows I’m slotting the club nicely, yet still miss left with them. I’m sure they’re lighter than vintage blades… After I practice with the persimmons, good luck having any control with the irons… Wedges feel light as well… I want to get them weighed, but wondering if I need to just add tape to the head or balanced em out with more grip weight as well… I have no idea… Any help would be appreciated…


The worst thing is for any golf club to feel light… and this is more likely to happen if you are not playing everyday.

Feeling light = I have no feel

Start by lead taping the hell out of the five iron until it feels heavy enough that “feeling light” would not be in your vocabulary.

This will aid in you being able to grip the club firmer and drive the club harder through impact with much less likelihood of loosing shaft flex prior to impact and sending the ball off line.

The affect of swinging heavier persimmons may also be causing the realization that your irons need to now be matched up so that the dead weighting is working progressively throughout the set.

Forget about swing weight for now. It’s a highly overrated concept that takes zero consideration of the overall weight of the club that your body feels and pressures against in the swing. For example you could have a very heavy club that if butt weighted could come out with a very light swing weight. The majority of great strikers played very heavy gear by today’s standards. Nothing wrong with heavy shafts either. Some of the best shafts ever made were the early ProPel and Rocket shafts from the 50’s and 60’s.

The reason being that if you work the club correctly as a hitter, and are holding shaft flex, then the mass of the entire club including the shaft is being applied to the compression of the golf ball at impact. The idea that the clubhead is simply dangling from a string and only the mass in the head is affecting impact is false if you are hitting correctly.
Try smacking something with a 2x4 and you’ll get the idea quickly compared to just a weight on a string. Lightweight shafts are fools gold for anyone interested in accuracy.

A properly made heavier shaft will be much more consistent and reliable in it’s deflection at transition than an ultra lightweight shaft and this is another reason I stay away from graphite.

You also may simply be outgrowing the lighter heads from the strengthening you have undergone with the module work.

Thank you John,

  My persimmon 2 wood was going left also.. It felt quite a bit lighter than my Driver... Lead taped everything to feel like my driver, (because I can't hook it) now all is well.. I was actually having issues with distance control on wedges, making em heavy also cured that problem...  This is no joke, I'm getting the Driver out there 280-300 average and splitting fairways.. Fun stuff.. I have not missed left once with it so I guess it's logical to have the rest of my gear set up the same..