Miura - Just how good are they?

I have decided upon a quest to get a set of Miura irons. I have come to think of this as similar to a quest for a sword made by Masamune!!

Anyone on here lucky enough to have played with a set of forged Miura blades?

A friend of mine has a set so hopefully I’ll get a bash with them next time we’re at the range.

Not me, far too modern and pricey for my tastes lol! But Justin will surely be able to advise as he distributes them in Asia and plays them as well I think. The Tournament blade below gets a lot of good press:


Looks nice to me but fairly indistinguishable from a whole host of older blade designs that you can pick up for 1 10th of the price in mint condition. Perhaps there really is something in there forging process /grain pattern that makes a difference and as I havn’t tried them its not right for me to dismiss the possibility of a big difference entirely. But I am a bit sceptical that it will be enough to impact directly on scoring. Let us know how you go though because it will be interesting to hear.

Cheers, Arnie

It’s like the quest for the Circle T Scotty Cameron- people go after them because they can’t seem to get them
I have seen the Miura clubs- never played them and I am sure they are good clubs Styles, as all Japan forgings tend to be…
I wouldn’t stress out over them…they are a stamping on a club but hey, everyone can have a goal to reach.
What would I know?..I use Hogan irons that are as old as dirt!!
I’ll say though that the few Hogan sets I have, are as good as any of today’s club but with more direct swingweight…which is a big bonus

I play with a set of Miura Tournament blades.
What I like about these blades are their incredible softness - I am able to bend them by 8 degrees in lie adjustment.
I may be biased, but they are one of the softer ones that I have played with.

Other plus points:

  • Sweetspot is dead center of face unlike other heel biased blades
  • Small and unforgiving heads

They may be pricey, but I feel that once you get them Miuras, you stick with them for life.

Take a look also at www.miuragiken.com
This is the custom fitted brand of Miura - add another 30% to the list price. :astonished:

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Well, as long as Derren Brown teaches me how to predict the lottery numbers I’ll be getting the custom fit ones! Thats after flying to Japan in my private jet! :laughing:

Pick me up on the way through Styles- I know a few good bars in Rappongi…!!

Let me know…I will come pick you guys up with my stretch Limo in Himeji…LOL

Thats a deal!