Miura golf

I was doing some research about classic blades and I stumbled across a debate about Miura golf clubs. What do you guys know about these? They are some of the best looking clubs I have ever seen.

What was the debate about?

Someone was saying that the Miura clubs were the best blades they have ever played and they would argue that they are the best out there. I had never heard of them up until then. They sure do look sharp though.

I bought a set for my dad for his birthday. I set then up to near lags specs. Just a couple degrees more upright as he can’t get down that low just yet. I weighted them and adjusted loft and lies. Great irons and really amazing build quality. The next time I’m in the market for a set I’ll be picking up miuras.

Sometimes you can get some good deals on the bay. It’s hit and miss though.