Mickey Wright

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There has been a lost skill here. Even though most everyone uses yardage books today, it’s very helpful and can
be a great source of confidence knowing you actually don’t need to use them. Hogan never used yardage books either.
I hit 15 greens and shot 68 yesterday never looking at a yardage.

When I pull a club, I am selecting my trajectory, not my distance. The distance is then decided once I know the trajectory of my shot by taking into consideration visual estimations, the lie, the temperature, wind, how much green I have to work with, where the hazards are and so forth. Then an intensity of the strike is chosen then quickly rehearsed then felt, then executed without delay. No different than lag putting from various distances on the green.

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That was a great article. Thanks.

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Thank you Arnie and Lag, I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed that
talk about an American Idol… Mickey Rocks !!!